SOTU Drinking Game

SL Mensa’s List

1) Shout out – One drink
2) Me, my, or I – One drink
3) Gabby’s husband in the gallery– 2 drinks
4) Less than 5 justices present – another drink
5) "Jobs" another drink- (Steve doesn’t count)
6) Laughing at the nitwit will cost another drink
7) A screamer in the gallery- guzzle up
1) A "you lie" moment -drink

Teri’s List
Investment=1 drink
Jobs=1 drink
Civility= 1 drink
Tucson=1 drink
Children=1 drink
If anyone faints, 2 drinks
If he produces his birth certificate=20 drinks
"Bringing the economy back from the brink"-1 drink
“inherited"-1 drink
"economy roaring back"-1 drink
“depression”=2 drinks
If Boehner cries, 4 drinks (although that’s not nearly enough)

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