Special Edition of the Teri O’Brien Show Tonight: Barry/Barack, Dick Whitman/Don Draper?

Mix up that pitcher of martinis, brew up some strong coffee, or just bring a strong stomach as we deconstruct the Dear Reader’s latest bloviation, his campaign speech about Iraq. I predict an orgy of cringe-inducing self-congratulation, in which this narcissistic former affirmative action Ivy League teacher’s pet rewrites history and proudly takes credit for presiding over the Iraq withdrawal time line that President George W. Bush established in December 2008.

I guess I can see why this unaccomplished empty suit needs to take credit for the achievements of others, and why he tries to run away from his embarrassing statements like saying the Iraq surge would never work, that couldn’t be more wrong if his name was Barry Wrongman, which actually wouldn’t be a bad alias, if he’s looking for to try a third name. He’s had at least two others, including the one on his birth certificate, which is …wait …oh never mind.

Barack Obama reminds me of Don Draper, the lead character in “Mad Men,” who created a completely phony persona, that of a cool, suave, über competent, eloquent Madison Avenue genius, to attempt to conceal who he really is, a scared, inadequate, self-loathing hillbilly from Shacksville, USA. Last week, we learned that he got his start by getting his future boss drunk, then showing up the next day, allegedly in response to the offer he received from the inebriated partner. Now, self-destructive Don Draper/Dick Whitman is spinning out of control as he tries to continue to live the lie and hold it together, but there’s probably not enough booze in the world to help him avoid the inevitable plunge over the cliff. B. Hussein/Barry Soetoro sold himself as to a country, which he intoxicated by ploying many of its citizens with glittering generalities with a white guilt chaser, and in their drunken haze, they hired him. Now we can only hope that he doesn’t take us over the cliff as he seems hell bent to pursue his destructive agenda of job-killing taxes, crushing regulations, income redistribution and race-grievance redress.

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