State Department Turns Over Over 1,600 Newly-Discovered Clinton Documents to Benghazi Committee

Shazam! Look what we just found! Documents about Hillary, Benghazi and Libya!


Benghazi story won’t go away. Hillary is not amused.

From the Free Beacon:

The State Department turned over 1,600 pages of previously undisclosed documents related to Hillary Clinton and Libya to the House Benghazi committee on Friday, a month after it revealed the existence of the documents in an unrelated court case.

The House Select Committee on Benghazi announced it received the records on Friday, adding that the State Department has yet to fully comply with document requests the committee made nearly a year ago.

“Today the State Department turned over more than 1,600 pages of new documents related to former Secretary Clinton and Libya,” the committee said. “The State [Department] claimed in a January 8th court filing that it only recently discovered these new documents from the Office of the Secretary.”

In January, the State Department disclosed in a court filing that it had recently discovered “thousands” of new documents related to Clinton’s tenure and the Benghazi attack. The filing was in response to a lawsuit by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which has been seeking records from Clinton’s time at the State Department.

The documents may be released in response to public records requests, but the copies received by the Benghazi committee are not redacted in regard to Libya and Benghazi issues.

The records come from the Office of the Secretary, which would likely include Clinton’s Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, top aide Huma Abedin, and Clinton’s deputy chief of staff and scheduler.

MMM… don’t worry, Hillary. There is precedent for a public official holding office while in jail, although so far this guy hasn’t been able to convince his fellow government officials to let him perform his duties from his cell while using video chat. You, though, have always managed to bend the rules, after all, and you haven’t been charged with murder, at least not so far.


  1. MMM… don’t worry, Hillary. Obama really hates her and Bill “Sick Willy”. She is also the one who told Scott Pelley than “she has never knowing lied to the American people”. I guess that drunk face plant getting into a plane, or the fall and concussion had more effects than the protracted double vision she had.
    Maybe that is why she has no memory of seeing or sending documents classified documents. How many lives, besides the Benghazi 4 may never be known.

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