State Dept: We Don’t Have Any Emails from Server IT Guy

State Department can’t find a single email between Hillary and IT guy who set up her private server.

Is it just me, or does woman look like they found her taking a nap on a bench in the bus station? Plus she sounds demented.

Hard to believe, no? Or maybe not. But wait, they did find one, and it’s HILARIOUS. From The Weekly Standard:

The State Department announced Monday that the agency found no emails to or from Bryan Pagliano, Hillary Clinton’s IT specialist, while Clinton was secretary of state.

However, an email already released by the State Department does show an email from Pagliano to Clinton at Clinton’s address, the email that Pagliano himself set up.

Here it is.


Do you see that? This IT stooge sent her a “Happy Birthday!” email, and she forwarded it to another stooge so that he could respond! This is the woman who supporters say is a warm, funny, wonderful person? The one who likes to talk about love and kindness? C’mon, Grandma. You couldn’t take 30 seconds to respond? Very telling.

Have you heard about this story on the pretend news?

Maybe the State Department could get Mr. Pagliano’s emails from the Russians.


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