State of the Union: Clintonesque Borefest

After what we hope will be Obama’s last State of the Union speech, one of the commentators on MS-NBC–I don’t remember which one–I think I can be forgiven since my eyes were glazing over by the end–described the speech as “Clintonesque.” If he meant a long, boring laundry list full of grand pronouncements designed to sound moderate and bipartisan, followed by all the goodies he wanted the taxpayers to give his voters. Maybe after spending the day demonizing Mitt Romney, Axelrod was hedging his bets in case they have to run against Newt. The only thing missing was the school uniforms.

  • Did he really cite Lincoln, saying “that government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves, and no more?” Yes, he did. Then he proposed a new federal program to help people who couldn’t afford to buy houses in the first place keep them, funded by a “small fee on the largest financial institutions.” Gee I wonder who will end up paying that “small fee” …
  • In what is clearly another political move designed to thrill those seeking more from Obama’s stash, he’s decided to send Eric Holder on a jihad against financial institutions. I guess that’s better than another Fast and Furious.
  • I guess I wasn’t the only one who found his one attempt at humor LAME
  • This op-ed from the Wall Street Journal captures the substance perfectly.

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