State of the Union Drinking Games, Anyone?

Here’s some.

The SOTU drinking game

SOTU drinking game – Liberty Unyielding

Mediaite’s Official State of the Union 2014 Drinking Game | Mediaite

Do you have any suggestions?

I’ll be live tweeting the SOTU.


  1. Teri: My Wife and I watched and listened in muted disgust during the “State of Dis-Union” Speech. Never has our Nation been more fractured than now! Not even the Civil War compares in my opinion. We have a “Godless President (who thinks he is God), a “Gutless” Speaker of the House of Representatives, and an “Gutless” Senate Minority leader. Thank God we defeated the UN Gun Ban… But only with the help of sensible (and likely vulnerable) democrats! But this is the only bright spot. The intolerable lies and distortions being spewed during the SOTU were unimaginable!!! I ran out of Nef Footballs to throw at the TV! Likewise was the “State of the State Speech” where Illinois Governor Pat Quinn spewed the same garbage! Once again I am an Election Judge. In fact, I am the “Key Election Judge.” (Meaning that I hold the Keys for the Election Boxes). I want written confirmation that there are no duplicates… and I want it notarized! Sound fair? To be honest, I feel like a target in my precinct.


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