Being a Stay at Home Mom is “Not a Choice We Want Americans to Make.” Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 11-2-14

We played this soundbite during yesterday’s show. Here’s the video.

The Teri O'Brien Show

Pre-Election Edition of the Teri O’Brien Show: Will there be a GOP Wave, and Does it Matter?

In this episode:

  • Election 2014: It appears that the GOP will take over control of the Senate. Does it matter? Should we vote for RINO’s like Mitch McConnell even though he has had three or four different positions on repealing Obamacare?
  • Brace yourself: the post-election Obama will be even more lawless than he is now, focusing on amnesty to “remake” this country by changing its demographics and importing a lot of poorly-educated, low-skilled people who are eager to be dependent on government, in other words, natural democrats. In addition, he and Eric Holder want to redress the “unfairness” of so many minorities being incarcerated by letting them out of jail. Query: isn’t Eric Holder the guy who is a “coward” because he won’t talk about the disproportionate rates of black crime?
  • Obama says being a stay at home mom is “not a choice we want Americans to make.” Why would he say such a thing? There are 3 reasons.
  • Democrat Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown of California signed “Trust Act” a year ago, a law that restricts the state’s cooperation with the federal government in enforcing immigration laws. Wait–I thought states weren’t supposed to go there. Didn’t Eric Holder sue Arizona over that very thing?
  • Mother of police sergeant killed by drunk driving illegal alien writes to Obama to ask him why criminals like the guy who murdered her son were still in the country even though he committed several serious offenses back in 1994. So far she has received no reply.
  • Barack Hussein Obama, the guy who is the poster child for the wisdom of the Founders including the requirement in Article II of the Constitution that the President be a “natural born citizen” who understands American exceptionalism has spent his entire tenure trying to destroy the country.
  • Islamic head chopping lunatics declare jihad against dogs.
  • ISIS mass executions are a daily occurrence now in Iraq. What does the Obama Regime say about that?
  • John Elway backs the Republican, Cory Gardner, in the Colorado Senate race

Links to Stories We Discussed During This Episode of the Program

Obama’s Border Policy Fueled Epidemic, Evidence Shows | The Daily Caller (no surprise to The Teri O’Brien Show audience)

Illegal immigrant children get tilapia farm, guitar lessons, miniature ponies – Washington Times (too bad those kids Obama was talking about in Rhode Island who have to go to substandard daycare can’t get some of these goodies)

Mary Ann Mendoza’s letter to President Obama – East Valley Tribune: Mesa

Mother of Brandon Mendoza killed by illegal immigrant driver pens letter to Barack Obama | Daily Mail Online

Trust Act Signed In California To Limit Deportation Program (Eric Holder’s Department of Injustice sued the state of Arizona for trying to enforce immigration law, but when California wants to enable the actions of illegals, the Regime nods approvingly)

N.Y. Democrats bully reluctant voters: We’ll be ‘reviewing voting records’ – Washington Times (predictably, this tactic is causing a serious backlash)

Iowa Poll: Ernst takes 7-point lead (and Rep. Brailey, the democrat, isn’t even carrying his liberal district according to polls)

Remarks by the President on the Ebola Outbreak | The White House (in which the One told us it was “unlikely” that the U.S. would see any Ebola cases)

John Elway Backs Cory Gardner | The Weekly Standard

EUROPE: Muslims Declare ‘Jihad’ On All Dogs | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily (Who’s side would you rather be on–the side of dogs, or of head-chopping lunatics who want to go back to the 7th century?)

‘The Chibok girls are never being freed,’ says Boko Haram leader – Telegraph (Is it time for another hashtag?)

The Coming Détente with Iran | Washington Free Beacon (After the election, Obama will become more lawless than ever. The focus will be amnesty and releasing people from jail. Enabling a nuclear Iran is strike 3.)

Men, women and children executed by ISIS in Iraqi village: Terror group adds at least 40 victims to its grim toll | Daily Mail Online (And the Obama Regime’s reaction? Crickets)

Obamas hand out candy, cookies at White House for Halloween – Washington Times (Definitely not the sort of prison food Mooch advocates for school lunches)

Wallenda walk: Crews scramble to prepare thanks to ‘messy’ weather – Chicago Tribune (What am I missing? Why is this sort of thing necessary in life?)

Man with concealed handgun shoots robbery suspect (Don’t mess with Texas)

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