Steve Van Zandt: Hamilton Cast “Bullied” Mike Pence

Apparently, unlike Hamilton actor big mouth, Steve Van Zandt learned good manners when he was growing up.

Van Zandt

Mr. Van Zandt, as most of you know, is a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, and an actor best known for his role in “The Sopranos.”

From The Washington Examiner:

Stevie Van Zandt criticized the cast of the musical “Hamilton” for singling out Vice President-elect Mike Pence for scolding when Pence saw the show on Broadway Friday.

“This sets a terrible precedent,” Van Zandt, an inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his role in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, tweeted Saturday.…

“When artists perform the venue becomes your home. The audience are your guests. It is nothing short of the same bullying tactic[s] we rightly have criticized Trump for in the past. It’s taking unfair advantage of someone who thought they were a protected guest in your home,” he explained.

And it’s not because he supports the political views of Gov. Pence or President-Designate Donald Trump.

“There never has been a more outspoken politically active artist than me” Van Zandt wrote. In case people missed the point, he added, “Everyone who is sane disagrees with [Pence’s] policies.”

All that said, “He was their guest. You protect your guests. Don’t embarrass them.”

As we heard on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, Gov. Pence was not offended, or didn’t express any displeasure over this rude behavior by silly actors. He is a grown up and a class act, after all.

What do you think of the cast of “Hamilton” calling out Gov. Pence? Do you think he deserves a refund?


  1. Yes, Mike. You are spot on. It’s just like petulant Obama lecturing SCOTUS at the State of the Union. They couldn’t respond, and he knew it when he started berating them. Disgusting.

  2. I agree completely, Beth. It costs a fortune to go to that show, and as the folks in the NFL are finding out, when people are seeking entertainment, they aren’t interesting in lectures about politics. I know that I’m not. And yes, what about all the other people in the theater? So it was very rude, but also bad for business in the long run. In addition, there is a bit of bullying aspect to it. The cast is up on the stage, and when a cast member is singled out for criticism, he is somewhat disadvantaged when it comes to responding. Of course,the actors weren’t interested in the response.

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