Still Recovering from My Hangover: “Best of” Edition of The Teri O’Brien Show Today

My news hangover, that is.


So we are replaying one of the recent editions of the show that listeners liked best, about the Bobbsey Twins of Deep State corruption, Robert Mueller, and James Comey, Mueller and Comey’s Despicable Records of Lying, Convicting the Innocent.

If you like that episode, I think you will also like these (and let’s face it, if you never heard them, they are new to you):

The Massive Corruption of Comey and Mueller that Corrupt Media is Hiding from You

Mueller Indicts The Proverbial Ham Sandwich, a Non-Existent Russian Company

Worse Than Watergate: Obama Regime Plants FBI Spy in Trump Campaign

War on President Trump: The Reeking Stench of Deep State Corruption


I couldn’t help but notice that last week Rush Limbaugh spent practically a whole hour talking about my friend and Dangerous Thinker interviewee, Sidney Powell, author of License to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice (our affiliate Amazon link for the ebook–if you want a hardcover, please order it directly from the License to Lie website here). Of course, we interviewed Sidney last year, but that’s why you listen and visit this site, right? To be ahead of the curve! Thanks so very much for being here. Have you read License to Lie? If so, how many stars? Thumbs up or down?


Enjoy this beautiful Sunday, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, where I will be broadcasting my reaction to President Trump’s SCOTUS nomination tomorrow night.



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