Stop The Presses: Iran Deal NOT What Obama Told You

So, contrary to what Obama told us, Iran will be able to get a nuclear weapon in a few as six months. MMM. where have I heard that before…


While much of the Left, including alleged “journalists,” are becoming more unhinged than usual talking about the “scandal” surrounding Melania Trump’s “plagiarism,” there’s this insignificant item.

From The New York Post:

More bad news about the Iran nuclear deal landed Monday — a dangerous secret that President Obama has been keeping from the American people.

The Associated Press reports that the unpublished side deal is even more disastrous than the rest of the accord. It relaxes key restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program in just over a decade, rather than the 15 years Team Obama has been touting.

As of January 2027, Iran can start replacing its mainstay centrifuges with thousands of advanced machines up to five times as efficient as what it now has.

Bottom line: The time Iran needs to produce a nuclear bomb would be cut in half, or worse. If Obama’s correct that the current rules leave Tehran a year from sprinting to the bomb, it’ll become at most six months.

And because the secret deal doesn’t spell out what happens after year 13, it could mean an end to all restrictions on centrifuges.

The head of the Institute for Science and International Security, a go-to agency on Iran’s nuclear program, says the side deal “will create a great deal of instability and possibly even lead to war.”

Yet just last week, the president boasted that his deal — which provides the mullahs with tens of billions in sanctions relief for use on terrorism — is “avoiding further conflict and making us safer.” Really?

All this proves that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom Obama openly mocked as a scare-monger for warning that Iran’s “breakout time” was six months or less, was anything but.

Oh wait. Now I remember where I heard that six months thing.

And speaking of remembering things, remember when we found out that silly would-be fairy tale writer/Obama national security expert Ben Rhodes had successfully ran a pro-Iran propaganda scam on “reporters” who “know nothing” (there’s a surprise)?

All of these facts are not news to listeners of The Teri O’Brien Show. We told you in February 2015 that building up Iran was part of his Obama’s master payback for “Amerika” plan.

Anyone else find any irony in the fact that Obama, who has always claimed that he wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons, is enabling the world’s number 1 terrorist supporting regime’s obtaining them?


  1. He or she wouldn’t, unless because he or she was unable to keep up with facts and got information from the pretend news. One reason I do what I do is to try to do a lot of that work here and on The Teri OBrien Show;that is, I understand that many people barely have time to get enough sleep, with multiple job, faamily obligations, etc. etc., feeling that they are on a treadmill and that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

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