Stop the Presses. It’s Official: Obama is a Complete Failure at Job Creation

I just heard B. Hussein Obama at a campaign rally in Dubuque, Iowa, in his closing screech, repeat his completely ridiculous and false claim about creating 5 million jobs. For a dose of reality, please check out this Forbes’ piece, “The Real Story of Job Creation,” in which Mike Patton deconstructs Obama’s job claim, and discovers–WHOA!–it’s not true! He writes:

I was curious to see how past presidents stacked up in the area of job creation so I compiled the data and created a series of charts to illustrate the results. My study dates back to January 1940, during FDR’s term, and measures the increase or decrease in new jobs from one month to the next. For example, if 100,000 jobs were added one month and 25,000 jobs were lost the following month, the net new jobs would be 75,000. The first chart shows that the most prolific job creator over the past 73 years was President Clinton followed by Presidents Reagan and Johnson. In last place was President Obama.

The net number of jobs created since the One ascended to his throne? 194,000, which is less than the number we need to create every month to keep unemployment from rising.

The One is at the bottom of the list, as you would expect.

Check out the whole piece for more on just how misleading Obama’s ridiculous “Look at me! I created 5 million jobs!” claim is.

Just three more days, Patriots. Hang on.


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