These Stories Explain the Rise of Donald Trump: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-6-2016

The Teri O'Brien Show

The Teri O’Brien Show

Media Morons and Establishment Elites Don’t Understand the Appeal of Donald Trump.

Listen to or Download  the episode “These Stories Explain the Rise of Donald Trump here.

This sort of confusion is the reason that my work is never done. The stories we discussed in this episode will make everything crystal clear.

Links to stories we discussed on the show are below. 

Donald Trump

In this episode:

  • Hillary’s Latest Liefest, and Perhaps Most Bizarre Assertion Yet
  • Weasel Mitt’s Tantrum, and Why It Reminds Us of a 1970’s Horror Movie
  •  A Tribute to The Comedy Stylings of Marco Rubio
  • A Thoughtful Conservative Explains Why He Can’t Vote for Trump, Even if It Means Hillary Wins
  • Three Stories That Explain the Rise of Trump
  • Rubio-“He took on the Establishment and won,” say his ads. More like he took on the GOP electorate and lost”
  • End of an Era-Scalia and now Mrs. Reagan


Links from the Show

RIP Mrs. Reagan

Her legacy is Ronald Reagan and all that he was able to accomplish. Our prayers are with the entire Reagan family.

Reagans-WhiteHouse Nancy&SpaceShuttle Reagans1960s Reagans-Birthday Reagans1981-2

Willard and His Rats: Loser Mitt Romney Butts In to Current Presidential Election to Thwart Will of the Stupid Voters

Willard (1971 film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mitt Romney: Donald Trump is a ‘phony, a fraud’ – (Right, but Barack Obama is a great American)

A Thoughtful Conservative Explains Why He Can Never Voter for Trump

Ben Shapiro Explains Why He’ll ‘Never’ Vote for Trump – Breitbart

Hillary’s Latest Liefest and Most Bizarre Claim Hillary

Clinton: ‘I’ve Been The Most Transparent Public Official in Modern Times’ – YouTube

Hillary: Info About Murdered Ambassador Went Through Insecure Home Brew Email Server – Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Eight Laws Hillary Clinton Could Be Indicted For Breaking | The Daily Caller

Clinton Takes Aim at Another Government Watchdog – Bloomberg View

Hillary obviously has much better comedy writers than Amnesty Boy aka Sen.…

Election 2016

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Conservative Review – Rubio’s Bill Would Have Opened Floodgates to Islamic Refugees

Miami Herald endorses Marco Rubio – POLITICO (As my friend Humberto Fontova has always said, the Miami Herald is a real left wing rag)

Schlafly unloads on Rubio: ‘He betrayed us all’

Rubio’s Gang of Eight Bill Would Have Rewarded Sanctuary Cities Harboring Illegals

Marco Rubio on Libya – and the Need for Regime Change | The Weekly Standard

Previous Episodes of The Teri O’Brien Show in which detail the issues with the Rubio-Schumer Gang of 8 bill:

Seven Questions for Rubio Supporters. Can You Answer Them?

Rubio’s Amnesty Deceit: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 2-21-16

Listen to The Teri O’Brien Show Episode “Rubio’s Amnesty Deceit” here.

John Kasich declared winner of Republican debate by Fox News focus group  | Daily Mail Online

Kasich says ” This is not Valentine’s Day, where we stuff the ballot box.” Huh?

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Stories That Explain the Trump “Movement” (Treatment of Veterans, Illegal Immigration and Political Correctness)

Tragic: Veteran kills himself after call to VA suicide hotline goes to voicemail | BizPac Review

Mexican national accused of abusing toddler is freed despite request from immigration officials | The Tribune

PC Hysteria Claims Another Professor – The Daily Beast

Harvard Law School to scrap crest over links to slavery – Telegraph

Exclusive: Iron workers claim victory; fly Old Glory high and proud | BizPac Review

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