Study: Traditional Masculinity is a Mental Disorder

Wait, isn’t it liberalism that is a mental disorder? (H/T Dr. Michael Savage) Yes, it is.

Mental Disorder

I’m sure that it’s just a coincidence that we are getting this story with the election of Donald J. Trump, who has often been characterized as a traditional alpha male.

From something called BABW News:

Scientists found that being an alpha male and seeking to adhere to stereotypes of traditional male masculinity may cause tremendous psychological problems, including severe depression, according to the study, which was published by the American Psychological Association. The study found that those who believe in masculine norms tended to be worse off mentally than those who respected women, and the problem is magnified by the fact that most macho men don’t want to seek therapy for their psychological problems.

Scientists based their findings on 78 research samples including nearly 20,000 people who participated. They found a strong link between poor mental health and 11 norms commonly associated with traditional masculinity, ranging from achieving status to sexual promiscuity to power over women.…

Wong and his colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of 78 research samples involving 19,453 participants that focused on the relationship between mental health and conformity to 11 norms generally considered by experts to reflect society’s expectations of traditional masculinity:

desire to win
need for emotional control
playboy (sexual promiscuity)
primacy of work (importance placed on one’s job)
power over women
disdain for homosexuality
pursuit of status
Specifically, they focused on three broad types of mental health outcomes: negative mental health (e.g., depression), positive mental health (e.g., life satisfaction), and psychological help seeking (e.g., seeking counseling services).…

While overall, conforming to masculine norms was associated with negative mental health outcomes in subjects, the researchers found the association to be most consistent for these three norms – self-reliance, pursuit of playboy behavior, and power over women.

“The masculine norms of playboy and power over women are the norms most closely associated with sexist attitudes,” said Wong. “The robust association between conformity to these two norms and negative mental health-related outcomes underscores the idea that sexism is not merely a social injustice, but may also have a detrimental effect on the mental health of those who embrace such attitudes.”

You see? Donald Trump is just plain nuts!

Get ready to see a lot more stories about “studies” that “prove” that “fact” over the next four+ years.




  1. Yes, Taz, and they do go hand in hand. And remember, the democrat party is the one that believes in “science,” not like us, deplorable, mouth breathing, uneducated, low brow dolts.

  2. Not to worry, Terry. Real women despise feminized men. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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