Stupid is as Stupid Does. Is it Time to Repeal the 19th Amendment? Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Watching America’s first affirmative-action president invoke his daughters in support of a cynical political ploy designed to appeal to women not only depressed me. It reminded me that I am not entirely opposed to repealing the 19th amendment, or at least given some of the results of recent elections, I would be willing to consider it. Sandra Fluke’s arrival on the public stage is supposed to be all about gender equality and yet, for this phony controversy to benefit Obama, all the worst stereotypes about female voters have to be true; specifically that we are emotionally-driven, mentally-challenged airheads eagerly waiting to be led by a demagogue deceiving us about what’s really going on. Are women really so clueless, or even so stupid, that we will vote for more crushing debt on future generations, more crony capitalist spending and more government intrusion into every aspect of our lives, including the power of life and death over every citizen, because someone wouldn’t give Sandra Fluke and her friends free stuff? The democrats seem to think so, and some recent polls suggest that they may be right.

If contraception concerns aren’t sufficient to attract the ladies, perhaps a little Hollywood razzle dazzle will do the trick. Move over Michael Moore and Leni Riefensthal: an Academy-Award winning documentary winner does his part to re-elect the One, and even liberal media types wonder how he can keep a straight face while describing it.

Or perhaps “Mighty Michelle” will give the campaign a boost. She’ll be bowling for dollars this week, and since the Fluke episode has renewed calls for “civility,” perhaps she shouldn’t take her husband along, lest he mention Special Olympics.

Join us Sunday for the rest of the story.


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