Sweet Irony: Pro-Amnesty Group Runs Black Truck Ad, Ignores Story of Illegal Alien Murder of Muslim Teen

Sweet Irony: Pro-Amnesty Group Runs Black Truck Ad, Ignores Story of Illegal Murder of Muslim Teen

By now you have all heard about this ad, being run by some outfit called the Latino Victory Fund, against GOP candidate Ed Gillespie in the Virginia governor’s race:

The Latino Victory fund is a pro-amnesty, open borders group that opposes President Trump’s efforts to stop illegal immigration. Isn’t it interesting that they run this ad, which is clearly designed to evoke the Charlottesville killing by a vehicle and suggest the Ed Gillespie wants to run over these children, when they support policies that allowed a Muslim teenager to be killed by an illegal from El Salvador?

From NBC 4, last June:

Police believe the teenage girl who died after a man hit her with a baseball bat as she headed to a mosque in Fairfax County, Virginia, on Sunday was a victim of road rage, not a hate crime.

Nabra Hassanen died after Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, beat her and then dumped the 17-year-old girl’s body in a pond, police said. He has been charged with murder.

Hassanen and a group of more than a dozen youths had just finished eating at a McDonald’s and were heading back to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center in Sterling for an all-night Ramadan event when they noticed a man in a car following them, the teens told News4.

The driver jumped a curb, got out of the car with a bat and began chasing the teens. He was able to catch Hassanen. He beat her and then took her to a pond nearby in Loudoun County.

So, Ed Gillespie, the most vanilla RINO Republican (think George W. Bush), who is probably secretly in favor of amnesty is a threat to these “children of color,” while this murderous illegal dirtbag is someone who needs to be protected from deportation?

Dr. Savage is correct: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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