Sweet Justice: Castro-Loving QB Kaepernick Stopped from Scoring by Son of Cuban Exile

Cue the sad trombone. So sad, Colin Kaepernick! Your team just suffered its 10th loss, and you were stopped from scoring a touchdown yesterday by a guy who was unimpressed with your comments praising murderous dictator Fidel Castro.


From Armando Salguero, writing in the Miami Herald about yesterday’s game between the San Francisco 49-ers and the Miami Dolphins:

It ended with Kiko Alonso delivering the game-ending blow on Colin Kaepernick and helping deliver to the Miami Dolphins their sixth consecutive win.

And moments later, in a Dolphins locker room filled with celebration, that was Alonso proudly putting on a headband that replicated the Cuban flag and meeting with his Cuban exile father and other family members to enjoy his enormously productive day.

In the other locker room?

The San Francisco 49ers were dealt their 10th consecutive loss. And Kaepernick, their starting quarterback, wore a Malcolm X T-shirt to his news conference, then claimed I took him out of context after an exchange we had last week about Fidel Castro.

Kaepernick claimed, “I never said I support the oppressive things [Castro] did.”

But, um, I was there. And the recording of the exchange is available. And I asked Kaepernick directly whether he was a believer in Castro, and he refused to answer multiple times.

And even on Sunday, miles from where a large community’s party over Castro’s death still had not stopped, Kaepernick continued to talk about how much he agreed with the now-dead dictator.

He said Castro instituted universal health care in Cuba and invested in the education system and supported Nelson Mandela when he was jailed. (Castro stood against racial apartheid in South Africa while instituting economic apartheid and approving the beating of black dissidents in Cuba.)

I was waiting for Kaepernick to say he liked how Mussolini made the trains run on time.


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