Syria: UN Deal Touted by Hillary is Joke

UN Deal a  “another triumph of wishes over facts”

U.N. deal was cited yesterday by Hillary minions, including the reptilian John Podesta, when appeared on the Sunday shows, to clean up her comment that we are “where we want to be” with respect to the war against ISIS. They claimed that she was referring to the fact that Friday’s resolution in the U.N. Security Council means we have a framework for solving the Syrian mess. Really? Watch the video from Saturday night’s democrat debate:

She says not only that “we’re we want to be,” but that we have a “strategy” (we do?) and a “commitment,” AND a U.N. Resolution, so how can Podesta and Jennifer Palmieri claim that she was referring only to what happened in the U.N. on Friday?

In addition, the U.N. Security Council Resolution that she’s hanging her hat on is pretty much worthless!

From the Wall Street Journal:

The U.N. Security Council unanimously endorsed a political roadmap for Syria on Friday, and in the world of fantasy diplomacy that the Obama Administration inhabits this apparently counts as a victory. Syria is to have a comprehensive cease-fire, a negotiated political transition, “inclusive and non-sectarian” governance, free and fair elections and a new constitution—all within 18 months. As for how these goals will be achieved, those are “modalities” to be worked out.

Good luck. The U.N. spent the early years of the Syrian civil war attempting to arrange cease-fires and political settlements, all of which collapsed in the zero-sum struggle between the Assad regime and its opponents. Two rounds of talks in Geneva between the warring sides collapsed in acrimony—and that was before Islamic State (ISIS) became a major player on the Sunni side.…

All of which means that Russia’s intervention in Syria is aiding its strategic purposes, never mind President Obama’s assurances that the Kremlin was entering a quagmire. For the U.S., the U.N. vote is another triumph of wishes over facts, much like this month’s climate deal in Paris. At best it gives Mr. Obama a talking point that lets him say the Administration is pressing for a diplomatic solution in Syria.

As for the Syrian people, the U.N. vote is another token symbol of international concern that will do nothing to end the slaughter or defeat their killers in ISIS and the Assad regime. They deserve better, but their deliverance will have to await an American President who believes that foreign policy should be something more than diplomatic misdirection and political vanity.


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    2. Cancel all Obama Executive Orders
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