Syrian Chemical Weapons To Be Placed in Hands of Easter Bunny

Oh wait. It isn’t the Easter Bunny, It’s the “international community,”  which is just about as real  the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy.

Let’s be clear on what just happened. As noted yesterday in this space, Barack Obama, having painted himself into a corner, was rescued by Vladimir Putin, who has played the man-child empty suit like a fiddle. Obama’s stated objective, as much as anyone could tell what it was (and like most of you, given the many shifting stories and rationales, I have had to buy a vowel more than once to try to figure it out) to punish Bashar al-Assad for using chemical weapons and stop him from using them in the future. No one was able to explain how leaving Bashar in charge after lobbing a couple of missiles into kindergartens and hospitals would accomplish either of those goals, but the key is that Obama’s “red line” was those chemical weapons. If Assad agrees to give them to the mythical “international community,” Obama has no choice but to go along, especially since he buys into the idea that we should subordinate our national sovereignty to ridiculous United Nations, and try to convince people that he worked out a masterful solution. The reality is:

  • Obama is in retreat, and looks like a fool, grasping for the lifeline from the wily Putin, who seized this opportunity to show that when it comes to him and Obama, it’s a man v. a boy.
  • The chemical weapons will be in Russia’s control. No one has explained how it’s possible to enter a country in the middle of a civil war and secure weapons that are all over the country. It makes as much sense as Obama and Kerry claiming that they could secure these weapons with no “boots on the ground.” Now that the chemical weapons will be in Russia’s hands, will they enforce the “red line?” Will they “punish” those who used them? They believe it was the rebels, so I guess now the Russians can join Assad’s crack down on them.
  • World power shifted to Russia, and there is now more than one super power. The Bear is back! Somewhere Madeline Albright must be smiling.

Bottom line: Victory for Vlad, Humiliation for Carteresque buffoonish Obama.


  1. Hey I’m pretty much down with the Easter Bunny custody thing. EB is the only character left that hasn’t been politicized or racialized out of existence. Santa’s out, all American superheroes have been gnawed into unrecognizability by the LGBTs and no one has EVER doubted the credibility of the EB, unlike that of every elected official in the land today. So, I’m good with EB. Only one concern; shouldn’t Assad have to pay the EB on this one?

    • Mike, your comment makes me wonder why the Left hasn’t insisted that we call him the “Spring Bunny.” Maybe I shouldn’t give them any ideas …
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. john kerry for nobel bullies prize:

    ”Make no mistake about why this idea has any potential legs at all and why it is that Russians have reached out to the Syrians and why the Syrians have initially suggested they might be interested,” Kerry said. “A lot of people say that nothing focuses the mind like the prospect of a hanging. ”

    john kerry, secretary of lynching

  3. Thanks so much for the RT LtCol_Farrell!

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