Syrian Refugee Update: 9945 Muslims, 52 Christians. President Payback Smiles.

Barack Obama made no secret of his desire to “remake” America, and this importation of Syrian Muslims is just one part of the strategy.


Obama’s “remaking” America is all about payback for its racist sins. It means changing its demographics to transform our country into something our grandparents wouldn’t recognize.

Note: This is an update to this post.

From CNS News:

As of midafternoon eastern time on Monday 224 new Syrian refugee arrivals have been reported. That lifts the total this fiscal year to 10,126, of whom 52 or 0.51 percent are Christians; and 9,945 or 98.2 percent, are Sunni Muslims. …

Obama announced last fall that the U.S. would admit 10,000 refugees from Syria during the fiscal year – a six-fold increase from the total 1,682 admissions in FY 2015, which in turn was up from a mere 105 in FY 2014 and 36 in FY 2013.

The initiative took off slowly: By the end of January – one-third of the way through FY 2016 – only 841 Syrian refugees had been admitted.

Then in February the State Department set up a refugee resettlement “surge” center in Amman, Jordan, drastically reducing application processing times.

Between February and April, Department of Homeland Security officers carried out interviews in Jordan with around 12,000 Syrian refugee applicants referred by the U.N. refugee agency, Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard told a briefing earlier this month. She described the screening as “rigorous and exhaustive.”
The number of Syrian refugees admitted since the start of FY 2016 has increased significantly since June. (Data: State Department Refugee Processing Center / Graph:
The “surge” saw the pace of admissions gradually quicken: After just 330 admissions in March and 451 in April, the number jumped to 1,069 in May, 2,406 in June and 2,340 in July.

So far, August has brought a further 2,351 Syrian refugee admissions, but by month’s end on Wednesday the number is expected to exceed 2,600, surpassing June’s monthly record high.

Because this site, and The Teri O’Brien Show are all about connecting dots, let me give you something to think about. Let me break it down.

Obama is obvious extremely sympathetic to Muslims, but to Christians, not so much.

I have told you many times that while I cannot say that Barack Obama is a Muslim, it is very, very clear that he is a Muslim sympathizer. Despite the fact that his regime tells us that they apply no religious test, they know EXACTLY what they are doing, and the test favors Muslims. Scroll down to read the quote from Daniel Greenfield to see the statistics. Talk about your disparate impact!

Syria is the bloody evidence of the Obama Regime’s epic foreign policy failure.

He did not enforce his silly “red line,” and as we discussed on last week’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, we recently we learned that from Wall Street Journal reporter that the reason he did not take the action he promised was because he feared messing up his deal to cozy up to the mullahs in Iran. Now there are over 4 million Syrian refugees in the world. Many of them have ended up in Germany, and if you can see a more successful “transformation” program, I’d like to see it!

It’s not a coincidence that many who embrace the Left’s hatred of the “imperialistic” U.S. convert to Islam.

Examples: Obama’s former pastor, the anti-American, anti-Semitic screeching Jeremiah Wright, as cited in this post from 2008 from Pamela Gellar’s site. The post also notes the presence of Hamas manifesto in the Trinity Church bulletin. (Aside: What? You mean that the pretend news didn’t tell you about that back in 2008? I ask that question especially of my Jewish friends, many of whom voted for the Marxist jackass Obama.)

Mohammed Ali, and the latest sports idiot to recently discover his disgust with racist Amerika, San Francisco 49-er’s QB Colin Kaepernick.

Perhaps now it’s a little easier to understand why Barack Obama, who shares the ideology of Rev. Wright and the communist mentors of his youth and his early political career, wants as many Muslims in this country as possible. We don’t call him “President Payback” for nothing.

Has anyone in the Obama Regime made it clear why it was so absolutely critical to rush the supposed screening of people from the smoldering rubble of Syria? How soon before one of these “refugees” or someone with the same last name because he is the child of one of them, as in Orlando, is involved in a terrorist attack that murders Americans? As Daniel Greenfield points out, 13% of Syrians support ISIS, which statistically means 1300 ISIS supporters in this latest bunch. And Mr. Greenfield also points out:

A dozen from the victimized minority… and nine thousand from the genocidal majority.

When Obama talks about how thoroughly the refugees were “screened”, this is what he means. He and his people thoroughly screened out the Christians and the Yazidis. They kept out anyone who isn’t a Muslim. Christians make up 10 percent of Syria and 0.5 percent of Obama’s resettled refugees.

How is it possible that the most persecuted group in Syria is also this disadvantaged in resettlement?

Imagine a government welfare program located in a major city with a ten percent minority population whose recipients were 98.2% rich white men? Obama, the DOJ, the EOC, the FBI, the EPA and OPIARE would be burying it in lawsuits, investigations and media lynch mobs before you could whistle.

And yet the champions of disparate impact investigations who treat simple numerical discrepancies as proof of discrimination want us to believe that the 98.2% and the 0.5% are an accident of fate.

Why was was it worth the risk? You know the answer. Pure cynical politics and payback.


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