Sen. Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson: Halt Syrian Refugee Flood to U.S. In Light of Paris Terror Attacks

YES! No Syrian refugees in the U.S. that our government admits we cannot vet! Unless we want to see what happened in Paris come here, we need an immediate ban on Islamic immigration into our country.

As we have been chronicling here and on The Teri O’Brien Show, the Obama Regime’s Goal #1 is to “remake” America by changing our demographics. That’s what the lawless amnesty is about. Another part of the strategy is seeding our country with Muslims from the Middle East. Now at least two GOP presidential candidates have spoken up against this terrible policy.

From Buzzfeed:

Following the deadly attacks in Paris Friday night, two prominent Republicans have called for the United States to table plans to accept thousands of Syrian refugees, citing terror concerns.

Sen. Ted Cruz wrote in a statement on Friday that the U.S. needs to “immediately declare a halt to any plans to bring refugees that may have been by ISIS to the United States.” Cruz has raised security concerns before about the prospect of accepting more refugees at this point from Syria.

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Presidential candidate Ben Carson said in Orlando, Florida, that Congress should act to block the Obama administration’s plan to accept more refugees.

“If we’re going to be bringing 200,000 people over here from that region — if I were one of the leaders of the global jihadist movement and I didn’t infiltrate that group of people with my people, that would be almost malpractice,” Carson said, according to theWashington Post.

The Obama administration has said it plans to accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugeesin 2016. As of last month, fewer than 2,000 refugees had been accepted from Syria, in part because vetting process for refugees is significantly more involved than the process in some European countries.

As I said, Obama’s job 1 is “remaking” (read “destroying”) the America we grew up in. We need a president who sees job 1 as defending America and restoring her to the country the Founders envisioned.

Now France has closed its borders, which in this case is a very tragic example of locking the barn door after the horse has been stolen. Wake up, America!

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