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9/11 Hero: The Man in the Red Bandanna, Welles Crowther


On this somber and difficult day, when we think of so many heroes, I wanted to share the story of Welles Crowther, a young man, only 24, who perished will saving others on that horrible day. This weekend, Peggy Noonan wrote movingly about Welles, and there is a new book about a man who sacrificed himself to save others, The ...

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Halperin Agrees: FBI Corrupted, Now an Arm of Clinton Campaign


Note: this post is an update to this post. Mark Halerin, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” states the obvious; that is, if there was any doubt about FBI Director Comey and his agency no longer being neutral law enforcement agents, but rather, Hillary Clinton enablers, last Friday’s release of the 302 reports on their 7/2/16 interview with her it made clear. ...

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Obama Regime Homeland Security Adviser “9/11 Changed World for Good”


9/11 was a good thing. So says the hijab-wearing, racist, anti-American that the Obama Regime has selected to serve on the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s (HSAC) Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism.         A 9/11 truther would be better to give advice on Homeland Security, no? And we thought adolescent scribber/proud liar Ben Rhodes was bad! Today, as noted here, ...

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RIP: Bretagne, Last Living 9/11 Search Dog Passes


RIP, Bretagne. Scroll down for amazing video. Must watch video above: Last September, 2015, BarkBox honored Bretagne by bringing her and her owners/mom & dad to New York City just for fun to celebrate her 16th birthday. Don’t miss the end where she eats her birthday cake. Enjoy! From Yahoo News: The last known living 9/11 search dog has died ...

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New Judicial Watch Memos Confirm Benghazi Lies


They confirm that Benghazi attack was planned 10 days in advance and that the date, 9/11, was no coincidence. Gee, the Benghazi attack wasn’t caused by a moronic YouTube video that no one saw? The memos also state that 17 months before the Jackass-in-Chief called ISIS the “JV team,” it would turn into the “caliphate” that it has become. From ...

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Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV Killed by ISIS Honored

Charles Keating

Yes, he is the grandson of THAT Charles Keating, which the pretend news didn’t really mention. CBS 5 – KPHO (embed code didn’t work, but video is at link) From KPHO: Athletes and parents at the state high school track meet in Mesa paused to pay their respects to a former track stand-out who was killed while serving in Iraq. There ...

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