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Mooch and Barack’s North-Korea Style Appearance with ABC Fossil Barbara Walters: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-1-13

LISTEN HERE. Thanks to our guest Professor Jonathan Haidt, social psychologist and author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. He confessed to not knowing any conservatives until he was in his 40’s, and couldn’t admit to no longer being a liberal until 2009. I explained to him why we understand that conservatism, unlike liberalism, ...

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Cleveland Kidnapping, “Courageous” Gays and Jodi Arias: The Lame Stream Media’s Shiny Objects

In case you haven’t noticed, here is where we are. It is possible for a person to spend every waking hour in front of the television without risking exposure to anything remotely serious, useful or informative. Consider the viewers of alleged “reality” shows. Be it “Real Housewives,” “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” or “Project Runway,”  these people, the epitome of ...

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Ruh-Roh. Even the Lo Fos Are Catching On, and Placing the Blame for the Economy Where It Belongs, on Obama

It appears that even the low information types, who think they know what’s going on because they watch vacuous, moronic programs like “Good Morning America,” which at best are just pop culture pap, and at worst is part of the Obama administration disinformation campaign, might be figuring it out, at least when it comes to the economy. From one of ...

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Local News: Very Little Information, LOTS of Unintentional Comedy

As you know, I watch so you don’t have to, so I know that if you’re looking for actual substance, you’re not going to find it on last century television network newscasts. Their local affiliates are even less worthy of your precious time, unless that is you’re looking for a few good laughs. Where else are you going to see ...

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First Phony Michelle Obama’s Top 3 Lies on ABC’s “The View”

In the latest effort to distract voters from the epic disaster that is the Obama presidency, the Mrs. went on ABC’s moronic socialist hen party to appeal to emotionally-driven, low-information females who no doubt will be dazzled by this act. Speaking of which, the 2nd dumbest bleach blonde blowup doll on TV, Elisabeth Hasselbeck couldn’t stop slobbering over the First ...

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Michelle’s Mom-in-Chief Masquerade

Today, just in time for Campaign 2012, Michelle Obama’s book, American Grown (Groan), hit the shelves and Mooch hit the book tour trail, performing her phony “Mom-in-Chief” act for a receptive audience of emotionally-driven, low-information women on ABC’s “The View.” In this clip, she describes how she is concerned that she is not “a classic First Lady” who might do ...

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