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FLASHBACK: My Interview with The Man Who Exposed Fauxahontas, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Michael Patrick Leahy


He exposed Fauxahontas. If the name Michael Patrick Leahy sounds familiar, It could be because you remember this interview back that we did on May 13, 2012. More likely it is because you have seen his terrific reporting about “refugees,” and the connected TB epidemic, over at Breitbart, or heard me discussing this stories often on The Teri O’Brien Show.   ...

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Obama Regime Proposes New “Racial” Category: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 10-2-2016


Phase 2 of Obama’s plan to import thousands of unvetted Muslims from jihadist hotbeds is to create a new “racial” category for them to create “opportunities” for affirmative action and lawsuits against private businesses. Plus, New York Times’ “blockbuster” story about Donald Trump’s taxes another media fraud. Listen to this episode here using the player on the right, or here ...

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Ambassador Susan Rice Says U.S. National Security Agencies are Too White

Susan Rice

Thank you. Susan Rice. How refreshing to finally hear someone bring up the issue of race in this country! I wonder if the brilliant wordsmith Ben Rhodes helped her write this drivel, as he did the Benghazi lie. Looks like it, doesn’t it? Susan Rice wants more government-sanctioned racism aka affirmative action, apparently. From The Washington Times: In a White ...

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Obama Regime: It’s Racist to Not Rent to Criminals


Where are criminals, who apparently are often black, supposed to live, Bitter Clinger? Let me remind you again, Obama voter, this is exactly what you voted for, and, based on Obama’s record, it was completely foreseeable. From The Daily Caller: The Obama administration released a warning Monday telling the nation’s landlords that it may be discriminatory for them to refuse ...

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Obama and Trudeau’s Slobbering Love Fest


Barack Hussein Obama and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada show that in springtime, where a man’s fancy turns, as in LOVE, as they show in their slobbering love fest. From CNN: Liberal, social-media savvy, focused on a message of change and intent on making strides on the climate: President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered the ...

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VIDEO: Trump Muslim Pause Disqualifying? I’ll Give You Disqualifying

Obama Paid Liar Josh Earnest, Mouthpiece for Marxist in the White House, Declares Trump Ineligible to Be President. Seriously? You want to see disqualifying? Watch this video. Current Obama mouthpiece, the inaptly-named Josh Earnest, has some very notable things on his highlight reel, including stonewalling magnificent journalist, and two-time Teri O’Brien Show guest Sharyl Attkisson’s request for photographs of our ...

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Carly Fiorina, Do You Still Believe Reverse Racism in Hiring Is How You Get a Meritocracy?

How exactly does Carly Fiorina’s required reverse racism in hiring fit with that meritocracy thing she claims she wanted? On Monday, I posted video here of a portion of GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina’s interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” last Sunday. At the very end of this snippet, Carly explains her hiring policy while CEO at Hewlett Packard. When ...

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I Wonder If They Talked About Income Inequality …

Hawaii, tropical paradise

Just about a year ago, our esteemed Dear Reader, Barack Hussein Obama (Praise be his name), declared “income inequality” the “defining challenge of our time,” and advocated (what else?) government action to redress this severe problem. Or maybe I should say that government should take MORE action, because the federal government has assisted at least one minority couple, making it ...

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