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Thanks very much to our guest, Lynn Sweet, Washington Bureau Chief for Barack Obama’s home town paper, the Chicago Sun-Times, who gave us her take on the recent doings in D.C., the Bears loss to the Washington Redskins (can we still say that?), and answered a question Teri has wanted to ask her for six years about Barack Obama and the locker room at the East Bank Club. (Question and answer at ~34:35)


Political News Reports by Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times

Sweet column: The barechested Obama. “Stop looking,” he says. – Lynn Sweet (The piece from 1/9/2007 that inspired my question about the East Bank Club)

Boehner may be down, but he’s not out: Lynn Sweet – Chicago Sun-Times

Articles: Deconstructing Bill Ayers (Piece by my friend and Teri O’Brien Show frequent guest Jack Cashill about Bill Ayers’ latest book. Can’t wait to read that!)

Brink’s robbery (1981) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (On October 20, 1981, a couple of Bill Ayers’ Weatherman pals participated in a robbery in which 2 police officers and 1 Brink’s guard were murdered)

There’s no actual debt ceiling right now | The Daily Caller (So you suspected all along, right?)


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Obama Administration Decides That Your Government Should Let Congress Know When They Think It’s OK to Kill You

Just in time for John Brennan’s confirmation hearing today, the most transparent administration in history caved on letting Congress see its justification for killing an American citizen with a drone strike. From The Los Angeles Times:

President Obama, who has championed lethal drone strikes as a major part of U.S. counter-terrorism efforts, bowed to pressure Wednesday and agreed to allow the Senate and House intelligence committees to review classified legal memos used to justify a drone strike against a U.S. citizen in Yemen in 2011.

Senators had demanded for months to see the Justice Departmentopinions that provided the White House legal authority to order the targeted killing of Anwar Awlaki, a New Mexico native who became an Al Qaeda leader.

Some cynical, and probably racist, right-wing critics of the Dear Reader have noted a distinct difference in the way that Barack Obama’s enthusiastic support for the programs put in place by the Bush administration to keep America safe, programs that he vilified as a candidate, are being covered by our fearless media. Recall the sniper kill of the Somali pirates in April 2009? At the time, I asked you to consider what sort of coverage that this incident would have received had it happened during the George W. Bush administration. I wrote about that and asked you to add your ideas.

  • “Anderson Cooper runs a series of special reports with Christiane Amanpour describing the desperation of the Somalian teenagers driven to lives of crime by poverty and U.S. arrogance.
  • Brian Williams visits the fishing villages where the slain Somalias tried to eke out a living.
  • Diane Sawyer, barely holding back tears, Interviews Widow of Victim of Bush Vigilantism on the High Seas; Six Now Fatherless Children Ask Why?
  • Keith Olbermanns Special Comment: Murder: Your Answer to Everything, Mr. Bush. In the name of all that is decent, resign!!
  • John Dean (of Watergate fame) writes a column for a legal blog detailing the criminal charges that could and should be brought against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for killing 3 innocent until proven guilty criminal suspects before they could be indicted. I’m sure you can think of a few more. Please feel free to add yours to the list.”

The response to the sniper kill by the Obama administration? The Lame Stream Media gathered up all their leftover Valentines to send them, and bombarded us with stories about our brave, brilliant young president.

The LSM gave up any pretense of journalism, at least when it comes to Barack Obama, at least ten years ago, so even though the double standard is ridiculously obvious to everyone, they don’t care. That’s why I was surprised to see the LA Times come up with this fig leaf to try to cover up their North Korea-style coverage of the Dear Reader.

The administration’s position has brought objections from some longtime critics. However, the response from Congress has been muted, reflecting the degree to which once-controversial practices in drone warfare have become mainstream after more than a decade of conflict.

Oh, that’s the reason! Everyone accepts these policies now! It’s not that they are trying to cover for Obama. It’s that because he’s doing it now after so many years, it’s all ok!

I guess it’s sort of like that Gitmo thing. I know that it seems like 100 years ago, but remember Barack Obama’s first executive orders, one of which provided to that that heinous torture pit established by Bush and Cheney within one year? I wonder if the task force on detention that he established by another executive order on the same day weighed in on the argument his administration made before a federal judge yesterday? From The Liberal Death Star:

The Obama administration on Wednesday urged a federal appeals court to overturn a sweeping ruling by a district judge that blocked the government from enforcing a statute related to the indefinite detention without trial of terrorism suspects.

Where are the LSM critics of the “fascist” George W. Bush? Bueller? Bueller?

Wheels Coming Off Obama Bus: Show Notes, 10/14/12

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Every week we post this brief summary of that week’s show, with links to the articles mentioned on the air, and contained in the chat room. If you missed the live show, you can listen to it, as well as the previous four weeks’ shows, right here in the sidebar on the right by scrolling down to the Blog Talk Radio player. Even better, if you have a smart phone, download the Stitcher app, and enter the promo code “Teri” the first time you activate it on your phone. Like this:

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The Obama administration’s four-week coverup of their responsibility for the murder of four Americans in Libya is falling apart, with even Dennis Kucinich questioning their failed policies, and Lame Stream Media icons like Bob Woodward of Watergate fame questioning their shifting stories about what happened. As much as the LSM would like to help them out, it’s impossible even for them to avoid the inconvenient facts. No one is surprised that a very cadaverous looking David Axelrod had no problem reciting their talking point that “no one wants to get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi more than the President” (echoed on Sunday by other mouthpieces Robert Gibbs and former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm) with a straight face in response to a question from Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. After all, poised lying is an essential skill for all sleazy political operatives, and he’s one of the best. The difficulty is reconciling that statement with the fact that after four Americans were killed on the anniversary of 9/11 in one of the most dangerous places in the Middle East, the One jetted off to Vegas for a fundraiser. His tap dance around the question made it clear that Obama didn’t meet with his national security team before going to the campaign event. Priorities are priorities, after all. Liberal journalist Michael Hastings appears on MS-NBC, which I watch so you don’t have to, and expresses disgust over seeing the mother of one of the Seals killed in Benghazi tell Anderson Cooper that the White House doesn’t even return her calls.

As the story unravels, the finger pointing begins. Hillary Clinton, herself a participant in the coverup, is attempting to distance herself from it, as if becomes clear that Susan Rice, who four weeks ago appears on five Sunday shows to present a risible, and clearly untrue, account of what happened in Benghazi on 9/11/12, must have been acting on behalf of the Obama campaign. If I were able to ask a question at Tuesday’s Presidential Debate, which will be in a town hall format, it would be the following: “Did Susan Rice meet with anyone in the White House and/or with the Obama campaign before appearing on television on 9/16/12?”

During the live show, some in lively chat room suggested that this Benghazi mess is worse than Watergate, since “no one died in Watergate,” but is that really true? What about the killing fields of Cambodia? That blood is on the democrats’ hands, in my opinion.

Self-described lifelong democrat and former LSM member Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights, comes out, and not in the way that liberals like, but rather as a Romney voter, and faces a barrage of abuse from his (former) friends and even his wife. He realizes that liberal media bias is real.

Liberals squeal with delight over Joe Biden’s scripted “now you’re John Kennedy?” remark during last week’s VP debate, but that line perfectly illustrates the box the Obama campaign is in. They lose on substance.

Self-confessed “bed wetting liberal” Franklin Foer from the New Republic admits that the Obama campaign message appeals to “low information” voters who believe misleading slogans, and to him and his pals on the MS-NBC panel, that’s a good thing.

Guest, author and one of America’s leading commentators on legal issues, Adam Freedman, joined us to discuss his terrific new book, The Naked Constitution: What the Founders Said and Why it Matters.

Death of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens revealed: AK-47s, grenade attacks, and a smoke-filled safe-room | Mail Online

Pants On Fire: Obama Scrambles For Cover As Benghazi Lie Explodes – Forbes

The Naked Constitution: What the Founders Said and Why It Still Matters: Adam Freedman: 9780062094636: Amazon.com: Books

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