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WATCH: Media Slams Hillary Lies and Lawbreaking on Email

Crooked Hillary

Even medial types on MS-NBC and CNN can’t believe Hillary’s lies, lawlessness and state of denial. As you know, the State Department’s Inspector General has concluded that Hillary Clinton violated the agency’s “policies,” and without saying so, is telling us that she violated the Federal Records Act because those “policies” were implemented to comply with that law. In addition, as ...

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Obama Stooges Try To Clean Up Benghazi Mess, Show Notes: 10/21/12

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Every week we post this brief summary of that week’s show, with links to the articles mentioned on the air, and contained in the chat room. If you missed the live show, you can listen to it, as well as the previous four weeks’ shows, right here in the sidebar on the right by scrolling down to the Blog ...

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Who Does Andrea Mitchell Think She’s Fooling?

Last week, Andrea Mitchell decided to do her part in the LSM’s re-elect Barack Obama mission by distracting us from the rampant lawlessness, corruption and economic failures of the current administration. The current initiative’s objective is get Americans to focus on the number one burning issue keeping Americans awake at night. Not the threat posed by an imminently nuclear Iran. ...

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Women Won’t Vote for Santorum, Chris? Wait-Not Even You?

On yesterday’s edition of his fine “Hardball” program on the 24/7 televised insane asylum aka MS-NBC, Chris Matthews featured a clinic demonstrating again, as if we needed more proof that liberals have no sense of humor. Not only that, when forced to into the inevitable corner by the intellectual bankruptcy of their ideas, they resort to their default setting: OUTRAGE! ...

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