Note to Mr. Holder: We’re Refusing The Label Of Racist … J. D. Longstreet

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

4ca05-j-d-longstreet-5-28-2013-231narrowI am a long time reader of anything written by Mychal Massie.  The man is a true conservative.
Mr. Massie has written a piece entitled:  “Blacks And Palestinians Are A Lot Alike.”  It is “spot-on!” (Editor’s note: Mychal Massie was a guest on The Teri O’Brien Show last September.)

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives and a former member of its parent think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research. In his official capacity with this free-market, public-policy think tank, he has spoken at the U.S. Capitol, CPAC, participated in numerous press conferences on Capitol Hill, the National Press Club and testified concerning property rights pursuant to the “Endangered Species Act” before the Chairman of the House Committee on Resources. He has been a keynote speaker at colleges and universities nationwide, at Tea Party Rallies, as well as rallies supporting our troops, conservative presidents, and conservative causes across the country. He is an unapologetic supporter of our right to own and carry firearms.

Oh, Mr. Massie also happens to be a black American.

In his article Mr. Massie says:

“The Jews are no more the enemies of the Palestinians than Americans are the suppressors of blacks. The question that begs an answer is where would these same blacks crying foul be if they weren’t in America? Just as the puppet-masters encourage the Palestinians to reject modernity so too are blacks encouraged.”
Mr. Massie continues:  “… it is not the Palestinians terrorizing Israel who are sitting in palatial splendor and opulence complete with gold toilets; it is not the blacks chanting the support of race-mongers who are the benefactors of the racial antipathy.

Blacks have not benefited from the visceral heterodoxy of Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Holder, or for that matter Louis Farrakhan. The blacks crying foul and being led to see racism behind every bush are not benefiting from their untoward and often manufactured complaints. But the same cannot be said for the race-mongers who are quick to inflame their laments. Said race-mongers reap the rewards of the ignorant acts of the easily led.” — SOURCE:

American Leftists have continued their mantra of  “Let’s have a national conversation about racism in America.”  But it is impossible — made so by the very political movement that cries crocodile tears as they plead for that racism conversation.

The moment the conversation nears the truth, they cry “foul,” To make matters worse, and to completely stop any conversation about racism in America, they accuse those who truly DO want to talk, (out in the open) about racism in America, of being racists!

So we’re not going there anymore.  It’s a bit like Charlie Brown having the football plucked from in front of his foot each fall by Lucy.  We’re tired of it.  We’ve had it.  Most of us now refuse to even discuss racism any longer. We are sure that it is a hopelessly compromised argument no longer answerable to reason and not worthy of our time or consideration. 

Let’s be clear.  There IS racism in America.  But let’s be clear about something else.  If America isn’t the least racist country on the planet, then America is certainly amongst the least racist countries on the globe.

So, whose the loser here?  Funny thing is the losers don’t see themselves as having lost.  As Mr. Massie said above, they are easily led.   Unfortunately, they have been led into a false sense of pride at being imaginary modern day slaves.   And to be sure, they ARE slaves, but it is voluntary servitude to masters from amongst them who preach to them and tell them that which they long to hear …  excuses …  excuses for their own inability to hoist themselves up after having been free for over 150 years in a nation that offers every opportunity for advancement possible to man.

There is no excuse for sloth.   Sloth is identified in the Holy Scriptures of the Judeo-Christian faith as the personification of a deadly sin.  And it is deadly — to the soul.  It robs one of ambition and induces a feeling of well being even though one is in the direst of circumstances.

Look.  Racism has always existed and always will.  To mistrust anyone not like us was, and remains, a part of the nature’s defense mechanism wired into to every human being.   It is also within each of us to rise above misplaced distrust and determine to live and work together to make our coexistence as pleasant as possible.

And finally:  There is not a man, woman, or child walking the earth today who does not have slavery in his genealogy.  Somewhere in all our ancestry we are all descended from slaves.   So much for being a descendant of slaves as an excuse for one’s station in modern life.

Slavery STILL exists, even today.  According to a recent article in the Washington Post  there are some 30 million slaves today — in the year 2014.

Consider:  “We think of slavery as a practice of the past, an image from Roman colonies or 18th-century American plantations, but the practice of enslaving human beings as property still exists. There are 29.8 million people living as slaves right now, according to a comprehensive new report  issued by the Australia-based Walk Free Foundation.”  – SOURCE: 

“This is not some softened, by-modern-standards definition of slavery. These 30 million people are living as forced laborers, forced prostitutes, child soldiers, child brides in forced marriages and, in all ways that matter, as pieces of property, chattel in the servitude of absolute ownership. Walk Free investigated 162 countries and found slaves in every single one.”  — SOURCE: 

My friend and fellow commentator, Alan Caruba, said in an article entitled: “I am Tired of Being Called a White Racist,” which was published back in 2013:  “I don’t know when it occurred to me that I had gone from having shaken hands with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to being called a white racist, but apparently I was not paying attention.

Neither were a lot of others of my generation who had welcomed and supported the Civil Rights movement only to discover we were not going to hear a word of thanks. Younger generations have suffered the same indignity.” – SOURCE:

Mr Caruba went on to say:  “Speaking solely for myself I am extremely disappointed by the failure of too many black Americans to simply admit that there is something terribly wrong in a community that has too many abortions, too many fatherless children, too much exploitation of welfare systems, too much drug use and trafficking, and too much blame on white racism for these and other ills.

Instead of seeing evidence that the black community in America is mounting an effort to address its problems what I and others see and hear are the same tired race hustlers, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others, spewing the same “blame whitey” rhetoric.

It needs to be said that racism cuts both ways, but too much black racism gets a pass. Whites are not to blame at this point.”  – SOURCE:

Like Mr. Caruba, I, too, am tired of the white racist label.  I refuse to be yoked with a guilt I do not deserve.   It is past time for the white race to turn its collective back on the false cries of racism — and just walk away.

J. D. Longstreet

There He Goes Again: The Passage of the Civil Rights Act 50 Years Ago Was All About–Wait for it–Obama

From the Liberal Death Star (the New York Times):

President Obama presented himself on Thursday as the living, walking, talking and governing embodiment of the landmark 1964 law that banned discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion or national origin.

In a speech that stirred an audience of civil rights champions here at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum, Mr. Obama acknowledged that racism has hardly been erased and that government programs have not always succeeded. But, he added, “I reject such cynicism because I have lived out the promise of L.B.J.’s efforts, because Michelle has lived out the legacy of those efforts, because my daughters have lived out the legacy of those efforts.”

It’s not a coincidence that the Regime is ramping up its race obsession. The 2014 elections are all about firing up their constituencies, specifically, minorities and single women.

Yesterday on F. Chuck Todd’s “Daily Rundown” on the 24/7 televised nuthouse, MS-NBC, Lucie Johnson, LBJ’s daughter, told the story of how her dad gave the first pen he used to sign the Civil Rights Act to Republican Everett Dirksen because without the GOP the law would not have passed. Have you heard about that, Hank Aaron?

9th Circuit: It’s OK for California School to Reward Racist Thugs Who Hate the American Flag

From The Volokh Conspiracy, by way of the WaPo:

Today’s Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School Dist. (9th Cir. Feb. 27, 2014) upholds a California high school’s decision to forbid students from wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo. (See here and here for more on this case.)
The court points out that the rights of students in public high schools are limited — under the Supreme Court’s decision in Tinker v. Des Moines Indep. Comm. School Dist. (1969), student speech could be restricted if “school authorities [can reasonably] forecast substantial disruption of or material interference with school activities” stemming from the speech. And on the facts of this case, the court concludes, there was reason to think that the wearing of the T-shirts would lead to disruption.



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Professor Volokh goes on to describe the threats from Hispanics who wanted to “F’ up” students who dared to wear shirts bearing an image of the American flag.

That’s right, certain students threatened violence against other students whose shirts they didn’t like, how did the school administrators decide to solve the problem? Not by disciplining the students who threatened violence. Instead, by violating the First Amendment rights of the victims of the threats.Prof. Volokh makes a very important point:

Somehow, we’ve reached the point that students can’t safely display the American flag in an American school, because of a fear that other students will attack them for it — and the school feels unable to prevent such attacks (by punishing the threateners and the attackers, and by teaching students tolerance for other students’ speech). Something is badly wrong, whether such an incident happens on May 5 or any other day.
And this is especially so because behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated. The school taught its students a simple lesson: If you dislike speech and want it suppressed, then you can get what you want by threatening violence against the speakers. The school will cave in, the speakers will be shut up, and you and your ideology will win. When thuggery pays, the result is more thuggery. Is that the education we want our students to be getting?

Well, Professor, apparently the concern for these school officials isn’t avoiding thuggery. Rather, it is making sure that no one accuses them of being mean to Hispanic students. They have good reason to be afraid. Just last month, the Obama regime announced that they are watching:

Attorney General Eric Holder and Education Secretary Arne Duncan have issued the first-ever national guidelines for discipline in public schools, contending that present discipline disproportionately affects minorities.

So punish the kids who wore the t-shirts. We don’t want to be RAAACIST.

Holder to State Attorneys General: Join Me. Being Lawless is Fun!


From our “Blog of the Day” Bloviating Zeppelin:

Apparently it’s not enough for the Obama Regime to be operate in a completely lawless manner on the federal level. Now, this gangsta bunch is trying to infect the states with their enthusiasm for destroying the Constitution and federalism. From the New York Times aka The Liberal Death Star:

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Monday injected the Obama administration into the emotional and politicized debate over the future of state same-sex marriage bans, declaring in an interview that state attorneys general are not obligated to defend laws that they believe are discriminatory.

Mr. Holder was careful not to encourage his state counterparts to disavow their own laws, but said that officials who have carefully studied bans on gay marriage could refuse to defend them.

Six state attorneys general — all Democrats — have refused to defend bans on same-sex marriage, prompting criticism from Republicans who say they have a duty to stand behind their state laws, even if they do not agree with them.

So, if you are the attorney general of a sovereign state, according to Mr. Holder, you have the right, perhaps even the obligation, to disregard the will of the people as manifested in your state’s law, as long as you have “carefully studied” the issue. You know, the same way that Barack and Eric “carefully studied” the issue of so-called same sex marriage, which lead to the One’s “evolving” position of the issue. Some might say is what they studied is the election calendar to make sure they told the appropriate, well-time lies, but those people are just bitter-clinging cynics.

Also from the New York Times:

His comments signal the latest manifestation of the Obama administration’s evolving position on gay rights. Mr. Obama came into office opposed to same-sex marriage. But in 2011, he decided against defending the Defense of Marriage Act and ended the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy barring gays and lesbians from the military. The next year, the president said he personally supported gay marriage.

Shazam! Who says liberals don’t believe in evolution?

Clearly, liberals like B. Hussein and his mouthpiece Eric “You Are a Race Coward” Holder, who are noted for crusading for “civil rights,” especially those of criminal defendants, believe that the people of the states of Virginia, Oregon, California, Nevada, Illinois, and Pennsylvania don’t deserve any representation when their state laws are under relentless assault by militant homosexual activists.

I would ask the attorneys general of those states “who speaks for the people of your state?” No one? Of course, that’s the answer.

Oh, and speaking of civil rights, Holder also chose a cheerleader for notorious cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to head up the Civil Rights Division of his (In)Justice Department.

Meanwhile, Holder continues to stonewall requests for information about his lying to Congress about Fast and Furious. He needs more time! Of course, he has plenty of time to send rent-a-mobs down to Florida any time there is an opportunity to play the race card, as in the Zimmerman case, another example of Mr.Holder’s interference in something that is absolutely none of his business.

Fanning the Flames of Malignant Racism: Obama’s America


In the wake of last Saturday’s verdict in the Michael Dunn “loud music” trial, which we discussed extensively on last week’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show with our guest Andrew Branca of, liberal media morons took the opportunity to recite their predictable, threadbare clichès about our need to have “a serious conversation about race” in this country. As I said on the show, it seems to me that we talk about little else, especially since the election of our first affirmative-action president, Barack Hussein Obama, a man who surfed into the U.S. Senate, and then the White House, on the mother of all waves of white guilt.

In the American Spectator, Ross Kaminsky describes that extremely destructive foolishness being spewed by frequently featured MS-NBC race-baiter, “African studies” (seriously) professor Marc Lemont Hill, CNN’s Don Lemon, and some guy in the Atlantic Monthly:

The effect and intent of the words of Lemon and Hill and Coates are to divide Americans along racial lines, to instill anger and mistrust and jealousy and bitterness. It helps their ratings; it helps them sell magazines; it helps them line up more speaking engagements. It makes them feel good about themselves — by making one part of society hate another part.

But their views are a national cancer which, perhaps surprisingly to some, is metastasizing more rapidly under our first black president than at any time in the nearly five decades I have been alive.

In fact, it should surprise no one. Barack Obama is not foremost a black president; he is a Progressive Alinskyite president who happens to be black, a follower of a man who preached division as a political tactic, and the employer of a man, Attorney General Eric Holder, who said (while in his previous job), “I am the black United States attorney…[T]here’s a common cause that bonds the black United States attorney with the black criminal….” As former DoJ attorney Christian Adams put it, that’s the real race card.

It is not surprising that President Obama inflamed the nation surrounding the Zimmerman case; indeed it is possible charges might never have been brought had he not said “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Somehow he didn’t say the same about Jordan Davis. Could it be because his insincerity would be obvious?

Or is it something else: that Obama isn’t running for re-election? Even George Zimmerman, a self-described former “huge supporter of President Obama,” in an interview with Univision on Sunday, said that Obama’s interference in his case was an “opportunity” to win more votes. (If you want to see a truly egregious example of media misconduct, watch Chris Cuomo’s interview of George Zimmerman which aired on CNN on Monday in which Cuomo asked Zimmerman how he felt about people who “liked that a young black had been killed.”)

But the politics of division remain this president’s first choice of political weapon. It is why when presented with a spreading national cancer of anti-white racism among leading blacks in the media (and some of their strangely-guilt-ridden white colleagues), Obama’s actions aim to speed and broaden the disease rather than to treat it.

Of course he’s trying to spread this evil racism. It’s the secret to his success. Expecting him to disavow racism and the myth of perpetual black victimhood would be like expecting Netflix to stop producing “House of Cards.” Playing the race card has worked out very well for him, Eric Holder, Moochelle and the whole lot.

It’s pathetic and disgusting, and not going to end any time soon.

The United States of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Obama’s America: Today On The Teri O’Brien Show, 2-9-14

I wish I could take credit for that headline, but I can’t. It comes from a spot-on piece that we will discuss on today’s show, exploring the destruction of exceptional America, a takedown that was a fantasy shared by all of Barack Obama’s communist mentors, from Frank Marshall Davis to Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. Just as heroin addiction is a form of slow motion suicide, so is the gradual “remaking” of this country from one of proud, free men and women enjoying their God-given rights to a nation of supplicants, dependent on the government for subsidence the end of the country we grew up in.

In the wake of California’s attempt to do an end run around the 2nd Amendment, Smith and Wesson and Sturm Ruger have elected to leave the state. What are they so upset about? More important, should you also be upset? We’ll ask our guest, author and nationally-renowned 2nd amendment attorney David Hardy.

I’ve been telling you that you can stop the elites from selling us out by giving amnesty to illegal aliens, and so far, you have. Now democrats, desperate to get their scheme in place, made a full court press. on Sunday shows. Will the GOP get fooled again?

Sen. Rand Paul takes it to the Clintons by simply stating the obvious about Bill Clinton. Is this just common sense, good politics or both?

Valentine’s Day is Friday, and love will be in the air, but in this age, when marriage has been virtually destroyed, what does it mean? In August 2008, in what should have been a stunning and disqualifying answer to the question “at what point does a baby get human rights?” presidential candidate Sen.Barack Obama infamously replied that the question was “above my pay grade.” I don’t know if the fact that he wasn’t run out of the presidential race after that flippant, cringe-inducing answer is evidence of just how dumbed down and uninformed the electorate has become. I do know that anyone familiar with his voting record and statements over his years in public life knows that he lied when pretended not to have an opinion on that question. Clearly, since he voted against requiring doctors to provide emergency medical care to a baby fortunate enough to survive an abortion, he doesn’t believe a baby is a human being even at birth. Perhaps in Obama’s mind, he achieves that status when he is able to go on-line and sign up for food stamps or some other federal government program. In addition, we know that he has said he doesn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby” if they make a “mistake” that results in an unplanned pregnancy. Lori Dunham, author of “Reflections on the Ring” found herself pregnant after a sexual encounter with a man she barely knew. Her story of how she not only survived, but thrived, in a marriage that started with a “mistake” is a genuinely inspiring story of love, faith and family.

Tune in today for the rest of the story. Be Ahead of the Curve. Hear The Actual News You May Have Missed.

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King Barack’s Super Bowl of Deceit, Lies, and Broken Promises: Today On The Teri O’Brien Show, 2-2-14

IMPORTANT NOTE: Today’s show will begin 1 hour earlier, at 3 pm Central, to make sure you can be ready for the kickoff.


Like most Americans, I love the Super Bowl, and I want to publicly declare here and now, that, despite years of warnings from feminists, I don’t fear being slapped around by the Husband today. Their war on football is gaining traction, but for now, we can still enjoy the game.

It’s also Groundhog Day, which is an AWESOME movie, by the way, and in the age of the most lawless regime in American history, is also another way of saying it’s another day. While the last century media wants to talk about Chris Christie, Justin Beiber and Amanda Knox, a leftist ideologue continues lying, shucking and jiving to accomplish his “remaking” of America. It’s hard to keep track of all the lies and broken promises from the One, but since we watch so you don’t have to, we’ll remind you of some you may have forgotten, a veritable Super Bowl of lies. Which whopper do you think should win as biggest one of all?

Speaking of how we watch so you don’t have to, we witnessed Barack Obama’s “virtual road trip” on Friday, a Google+ hangout. Based on what we saw there, and in the interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper—and I know you may find it difficult to believe—but he may be talking out of both sides of his mouth on the issue of “comprehensive immigration reform.” His PR flacks, sometimes called “journalists,” are expressing despair after his latest borefest, last Tuesday’s State of the Union speech. Is he a “shrinking president,” playing small ball instead realizing his ambitious 1st-term agenda? That sort of thing happens when your approval rating drops into the high thirties, but there could be a lot more to it than that. We’ll unpack it for you.

We’ve been warning you about Republican elites betrayal of the American people on the issue of amnesty, reminding you of 2007, when we killed it. We have some good news today. They are hearing you, so don’t let up.

War on Women File: Speaking of Groundhog Day, a prominent liberal female columnist says that Rand Paul has a point about Hillary.

Who will win today’s Super Bowl? What say you? Which commercial do you like best? Oh yes, you can see them before the Big Game.

Tune in today for the rest of the story. Be Ahead of the Curve. Hear The Actual News You May Have Missed.

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Politics, Pop Culture, the Hottest Issues of the Day, and Your calls. The Teri O’Brien Show, featuring America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess, Live and in color, Sundays 4-6 pm Central time  at Daring to Commit Common Sense, Fearlessly, and More Important, Cheerfully, in the Age of Obama.

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As one listener wrote “one of the most insightful and entertaining pundits in America. Also, her voice is magical.”

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