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Exposing the Communist Conspiracy Against America: Trevor Loudon, Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 020

Ken Timmerman

  Trevor Loudon is a tireless warrior against the communist Left, and it was a distinct pleasure to speak to him again. Listen to the interview to hear about the event that inspired him to start his decades-long fight against communism. Please be sure to check out Trevor’s excellent documentaries, which are incredibly eye-opening and which every liberty-loving American should ...

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Bernie Sanders Donors: 1/4 of them Are Unemployed

Who donates to the Bernie Sanders’ campaign? People who don’t work. Where do they get the money? Guess. In some cases, Bernie Sanders has gotten over $5000 from people who don’t work. From The Los Angeles Times: Small-dollar contributions have been the fuel that has propelled Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid, making it one of the most successful insurgent campaigns ...

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SNL Cold Open: Bernie and Hillary Have a Beer, Waltz


Just in case you haven’t seen last night’s SNL Open, which was on EVERY single Sunday Show. Here’s the whole thing, from SNL; I love the part where Hillary tells Bernie a couple of secrets that she’s never told anyone before, including that she doesn’t like people and talks to them only because she wants to be president, to which ...

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When You Elect a ‘Community Organizer’, You Get a Race-Baiting, Lawless Fool

community organizer

Two words: community organizer. No one should be surprised at our stinky economy, the state of the world, or the insane political correctness that has taken over the culture. Dr. Martin Luther King, quoting abolitionist Theodore Parker, said that the arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice. Watching our country proceed headlong on the downside of Barack Obama’s ...

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Millennials Malaise: Socialism Less Popular Than Capitalism, Which They Aren’t Crazy About Either


We’ve often documented the confusion and, in some cases, ignorance of the millennials. More evidence in this recent Harvard poll. If you were trying to understand the reason that so many of them “feel the Bern,” perhaps this poll could help. From The College Fix: More than half of millennials recently surveyed by the Harvard Institute of Politics reject both ...

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New Batch of Hillary Clinton Emails: She Led the Charge on Libya


Hillary has been downplaying the fact that she was an enthusiastic proponent of the disastrous intervention in Libya. The emails tell a different story. From The Washington Examiner: New emails made public Friday night suggest that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was happy to advocate for a U.S. intervention in Libya, even though Clinton has recently downplayed her personal ...

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Even Liberal Economists Get It: Bernie Sanders Plan is Nuts

Bernie Sanders

Even the New York Times sees that Bernie Sanders is crazy. Shocked that Bernie Sanders, who didn’t have a job until age 40, would propose this sort of idiocy, aren’t you? From the Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times: With his expansive plans to increase the size and role of government, Senator Bernie Sanders has provoked a debate not only ...

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VIDEO: Kidders #78 Because Life’s Too Short Not to Laugh

Could you use a laugh? I thought so! I think I’ve mentioned that every Tuesday I have the privilege of joining my two friends, real live working comedians Tim Slagle and Dale Irvin, for a Google Hangout where we discuss wacky stories from around the world. Here’s this week’s edition. Enjoy, and please spread the word!

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