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Who is “Elizabeth Carlisle?” The Lynch-Comey Cover Up: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-06-2017

Loretta Lynch

  While the corrupt media was crowing about Mueller’s 2nd grand jury to investigate the President and his family, document dump reveals Loretta Lynch and James Comey’s FBI lied about their actions to cover up the truth about Bill Clinton’s meeting with the Obama Attorney General. Listen to this episode here by using the player on the right of this page, ...

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“Heartbroken” Clinton Supporter Happens Upon Her in the Woods


What an amazing coincidence! This “heartbroken” Hillary suppporter, Margot Gerster, posted on her Facebook page about running into Bill and Hillary while walking in the woods. As you know, I hate to fall prey to the corrosive cynicism that afflicts so many today, but when it comes to the Clintons, I don’t think one can discount the possibility that this photo ...

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FBI Farce: Don’t Believe the Corrupt Media. Crooked Hillary Has Not Been “Cleared”


Hillary is still at risk of being indicted for influence peddling and bribery through her family’s corrupt foundation. It’s easy to get lost in the deceptive media headlines that say that Hillary Clinton has been “cleared” by the FBI for her “extremely careless” handling of classified information. FBI Director Comey’s letter said “I write to supplement my October 28, 2016 ...

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Wall Street Journal: Clintons are “Grifters in Chief”


Kim Strassel, you are stealing my lines. I have been calling the Obamas “grifters” here and on The Teri O’Brien Show for years. Perhaps that’s a tad unfair because as I pointed out in my book, The ABC’s of Barack Obama: Understanding God’s Greatest Gift to America, the Obamas are just trying to enjoy their well-deserved reparations. From the book: R ...

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