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Is Marco Rubio Being Played? Is He a Natural Born Citizen? Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

Supposedly the “Gang of 8” immigration (read amnesty) proposal will be unveiled this week, and Sen. Marco Rubio’s involvement is considered key. What does he say to charges that the latest proposal is just another amnesty? And, does this issue actually represent an opportunity for the GOP? Sen. Jeff Sessions suggests a pathway, not to citizenship, but to making political ...

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Chris Matthews on Suicide Watch, Jim Lehrer on LSM Excrement List

As usual, Barack Obama’s apologists are incapable of accepting the reality that their guy is an unqualified, affirmative-action assisted, thin-skinned empty suit, so they are blaming his pathetic performance in last night’s debate on the moderator. From the Politico story entitled, “Colorado presidential debate: Media piles on moderator Jim Lehrer:” The loser of Wednesday night’s debate, according to many pundits ...

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Mommy Wars, Publicity Whores: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Now that the 2012 presidential election has begun, it seems less like an illuminating debate between two very different visions of America and more like a series of contrived, Lame Stream Media-driven “controversies” designed to appeal to specific constituencies that Barack Obama needs to reel in to insure his re-election. First, there was the ridiculously transparent use of liberal activist ...

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Stopped Clock Right Twice a Day File: I agree with Bill Maher

As regular readers of my scribbling and listeners to my show know, for years I have described the Three Stages of Arguing with A Liberal, the very predictable responses we get when we try to debate with our pink-around-the-edges friends, frustrated that they cannot defeat our facts and logic with their threadbare clichès and moronic slogans.  Stage 1: Mocking Laughter, ...

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