Lame Stream Media Sanitizes Bio of Useful Idiot/Stalinist Apologist Pete Seeger

I just heard a Fox News Radio (yes, Kids, as I always tell you, Fox is part of the LSM) report on the death of 94 year-old commie Pete Seeger. He was described as a “folk singer and political activist.” Seriously. Sort of like Bill Ayers was an education professor and political activist, I guess. In this piece from 2009, All American Blogger recounts Seeger’s commie history, and points out that he and “useful idiot” Bruce Springsteen performed for Obama in 2008. Here’s the photo that All American Blogger uses to illustrate his excellent post:



From The Daily Caller:

The New York Times wants you to know Pete Seeger renounced Joseph Stalin “years” before his 2007 song “Big Joe Blues.”

In fact, as the Times reported at the time, the folk singer criticized the Soviet dictator “at least as early” as 1993, only 40 years after Stalin’s death.

The Gray Lady dryly summarized the matter: “If anything, the interest in Mr. Seeger’s views on the Soviet Union shows the durability of cold war ideological debates.”

Of course, fellow pinko Barack Hussein Obama is praising the dead commie as someone who “believed deeply in the power of song” but also “in the power of community.” That’s lefty speak for understanding what all good community organizers understand; that is, how important it is for the federal government to use its massive coercive power to confiscate and redistribute wealth.

Reformed leftist has a good review of the 2007 documentary about Pete Seeger , “Pete Seeger: The Power of Song,” that recounts the “political activist’s” hypocrisy here.

Gov. Chris Christie’s Ego: Bigger Than His Waistline

We should have realized something was up back in August, when Chris Christie gave the keynote address at the GOP’s convention. Do you remember that speech?

If not, here’s a little reminder from a liberal at the Daily Beast, Michael Tomasky:

Well, that was a good speech for Chris Christie, wasn’t it?

That was kind of shocking, actually. Of course he mentioned Mitt Romney. A good whopping five or six times. But it sure took him a while. Rachel Maddow just said this was a 2,600-word speech in which he didn’t mention Romney until 1,800 words in. And as soon as he mentioned Romney, he went back to talking about himself.

Many wondered at the time if Gov. Christie realized that he was coming off as one of those “It’s all about me” types, not unlike Barack Hussein Obama.

I didn’t fault Gov. Christie for sucking up to Obama after the hurricane. He would have agreed to serve as Barack’s body man for a week in exchange for promises of lots of federal money pouring into New Jersey, so I wasn’t surprised that he facilitated last week’s ridiculous Obama dress-up charade, allowing B. Hussein to look “presidential.” Andrew Cuomo didn’t have to play along. He’s a democrat. so he doesn’t have to worry about Obama playing politics with FEMA money, which as a proud graduate of the Cook County Sleaze Academy, he certainly will.

So even if we can excuse last week’s Jersey Shore photo op, how do we to explain Christie’s performance yesterday, falling all over himself to tell the heartwarming story of his tearful reconciliation with Bruce Springsteen, courtesy of the One? For the answer, we need only look back to that convention speech. It’s all about Chris. Something offended his ginormous ego, and he’s out to stick it to somebody, in this case, Mitt Romney.

Perhaps after Obama is beaten like a drum, and driven from the White House, along with his repellant wife, Chris and Moochelle can start a fat farm/rehab center for recovering narcissists.

Pre-Election Day Musings

How many of these people are teachers? Did they get fake doctor notes?

How many of the people attending that Obama rally this morning in Madison, WI are teachers, current or retired? With respect to the former, did they call in sick? Do they plan to use one of those fake doctor notes that they used during their recall agitating?

Is it my imagination, or is Bruce Springsteen turning into Bob Dylan?

Would it be possible to get some of what Barack Hussein Obama is taking so that I can escape reality for a while? Is there any other explanation for his claiming that his policies have worked?

Maybe Obama thinks that when they told us over the weekend to turn back our clocks, it meant that we can all pretend that it’s November 2008.