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Chaz Bono Demands Help for Illegal Household Help: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-12-2017

Chaz Bono

NEW FEATURE: Celebutard Corner Featuring Chaz Bono Whining About Deportation of Illegal Alien Housekeeper and–get this Housekeeper’s helper! Plus, Obamacare Lite is not the answer, and it will not only not solve the problem of skyrocketing health care costs, it will be a political disaster for President Trump and the GOP. Listen to this episode here using the player on ...

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Nice Legacy, Barack. Obamacare Rolling Disaster, National Debt Exploding

Obama Legacy

Obama Legacy: Debt, Obamacare Rolling Disaster Remember when candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-Corrupt Cook County) said George W. Bush’s increase in the national debt was “unpatriotic?” Ah, good times. First, the mother of all income redistribution schemes, NOT health insurance,  Obamacare. From The Hill: ObamaCare will enroll significantly fewer people than expected in 2016, ending the year with about 13 ...

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CBO: Even After “Affordable Care Act,” 23 Million Uninsured by 2019.

Wait …I thought Barack Obama told us that his health care scheme was going to eliminate the problem of people not having health insurance. From The Cato Institute, by way of Intellectual Takeout: And even by 2019, CBO expects there to be more than 23 million uninsured (see Figure 7). … About one-third of the uninsured would be illegal immigrants. But ...

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21 Things You Have to Believe To Support Amnesty for Illegals

1. That the “amnesty first, border security later (as in never)” approach employed once before in 1986 will work out differently this time. From Mickey Kaus, who has brilliant on this issue: I’ve been trying to think of the right metaphor for the giant Corker-Hoeven amendment, the one that is reportedly giving the Gang of 8′s immigration bill enough votes to pass ...

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