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Here We Go Again: Muslim Chain Migration Beneficiary Does Terror Attack in Pennsylvania

Chain Migration

Chain migration has done so much for our country’s diversity, which remember is our strength! (Keep repeating it until you believe it). While you were doing your last minute Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, and otherwise making merry, you may have missed this story: From WACH TV (Columbia, South Carolina): The Department of Homeland Security has called a Friday evening shooting ...

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Outrage Upon Outrage: Latest New York City Terror Suspect Here Due to Chain Migration AND Diversity Lottery


Remember, our strength is our diversity. We can trace the latest terrorist’s presence in the U.S. directly to the insane diversity lottery. He is the nephew of a woman who won the lottery, and as we saw yesterday, America lost. By now you know that Akayed Ullah, the 27-year old Bangladesh national who carried out a planned terrorist attack yesterday in New ...

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Another Back Door Amnesty: The U Visa Program

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with Obama’s lawless “pen and phone” amnesty, not only for “DREAMer’s,” but also their parents, under the radar, there’s this “U Visa” program. Have you heard of it? Read on. From Polizette: More than 65,000 illegal immigrants have gained legal status since 2008 in the United States under a little-known program ...

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