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The Do-Over Party’s Do-Over Candidate, Barack Obama 3.0: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

David “The Combover” Axelrod’s review of the Republicans in Tampa is classic liberal projection. He calls it the “Reinvention Convention,” as if it’s the GOP that is trying to recover from an endless series of mistakes with one “do-over” after another. First there was Monday’s attempt to put the “No, Americana aren’t better off” toothpaste back in the tube after ...

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If You’re Lucky Enough to Have a Job, Try An Obama During Your Next Review

While watching this past week’s Democrat convention in Charlotte, I learned that Barack Hussein Obama (MMM…MMM…MMM) wants the upcoming election to be about “choice,” and not only the vaunted “choice” that is apparently the number one priority of all female voters, the right to exterminate her unborn child. He wants it to be a choice between two competing visions of ...

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Preview of the One’s Speech

Chris Cillizza, of the Washington Post’s “The Fix”  is live tweeting from the Democrat Convention in Charlotte, and he has sent out some sentences that are supposedly in the Dear Reader’s acceptance speech, including the following: “You elected me to tell you the truth.” Then, FOR SURE, you need to go. Barack, you’re fired! “The path we offer may be ...

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Democrats Party Like It’s 1999

I’m happy to report that Bill Clinton has stopped talking. Actually, last night’s speech nominating Barack Obama for a second term, was not his longest, even though it seemed to go on forever. In 48-minutes, the man fellow democrat Bob Kerrey described as “an unusually good liar,” put those skills on prominent display. As you know, Bill Clinton is the ...

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Wait …Now Who is Having an “Etch-a-Sketch” Moment?

Uh oh. Once the Dems were busted, no doubt in part thanks to International Embarrassment, Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin’s unhinged, defensive display last night, they decided on another do-over, this time on re-inserting those two pesky words that have so many pairs of liberal undies in a bundle, “God” and “Jerusalem” back into their platform. Not all delegates are pleased, ...

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Lots of Dog Whistles in Moochelle’s Speech

Michelle Obama received the predictable slobbering praise for her emotionally-driven speech at last night’s GOP Convention. Like Charles Krauthammer, I didn’t buy a line of it. The best critique I’ve read this morning is from the Daily Caller’s terrific reporter Neil Monro: The first lady’s speech hit numerous cultural notes that may bolster the president’s support among late-deciding, conflict-averse, non-ideological ...

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Dems Setting Up Excuse for Moving the One’s Speech to Smaller Venue

When politicians start declaring that they are 1000% behind something, or that they will deliver with their plans “come rain or come shine,” you know that they are preparing us for what they already know they plan to do. The Obama campaign knows that it’s going to be tough to fill a stadium with 75,000 seats, especially now that the ...

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