Media Spins Obama’s Bipolar Foreign Policy Bungling Into Brilliant Strategy: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show, 9-15-13

Yesterday the Lame Stream Media was all atwitter, in full thrill up leg mode, about the brilliance of our Dear Reader’s skillful handling of the situation in Syria. As usual, their blind, fanatical embrace of the cult of the personality they created around this empty suit blinds them from what just happened; specifically, Putin outsmarted Obama again. Obama, pick up your jock. We’ll unpack it for you on today’s show.

Women are increasingly accepting the fact that when it comes to protecting themselves, firearms are the great equalizer. We are delighted to welcome Jan Morgan, Nationally Recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, State Certified Concealed Carry Instructor, and founder of Armed American Woman, (a national firearms training program for women). She is actively training NRA certified instructors at ranges across the country to teach the Armed American Woman curriculum. Jan is also an Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/Owner/Editor, and has been a contributor on Patriot Update, The Daily Caller, and was selected as the Voice of the Conservative Vote by Texas GOP. Should be fun!

Some of the most zealous supporters of the Obamacare health care scheme were the leaders of large labor unions. Last week, their displeasure over the unintended, but very predictable, consequences of this heinous legislation erupted into public view. Now they want an exemption, making me think “what if you find out that the chef and head waiter at the restaurant don’t eat there?”

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Putin Lectures Most Feckless President Evah

Read on to see what we’ve come to, thanks to Barack Obama’s tremendously successful project to “remake” America. On Tuesday night, Barack Obama, who has made clear for his entire adult life that he finds our Constitution extremely deficient because of its enshrinement of the concept of private property, and who has no use for the concept of American exceptionalism, made a convoluted, pointless speech filled with contradictions to attempt to save face after stepping in it big time on the issue of Syria. Ironically, in that speech, and in his bizarre news conferences last week, the Community-Organizer-in-Chief cited that same distasteful American exceptionalism as justification for his plan to do something “unbelievably small” to punish Bashar al-Assad, who supposedly used chemical weapons in his civil war.

The speech was rendered unnecessary because, thanks to another off-the-cuff, off the Prompter comment, this time by Sec. of State John “Lurch” Kerry. Asked by a reporter if there was anything Mr. Assad could do to avoid watching some kindergartens and nursing homes blow up before continuing his systematic killing of his opposition, Mr. Kerry, who by the way not only served in Viet Nam but also enthusiastically gave aid and comfort to our enemies, said that if Mr. Assad would turn over “every single bit” of his chemical weapons to the mythical international community within a week, then no strike, something Kerry said Mr. Assad would never do, of course, adding that “it can’t be done.” The Russians had to be gleeful, thinking “Seriously? Can this really be happening?” I can just see Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov saying “Vlad, this is too good to be true! I think if we play our cards right we can use this to our advantage.” That would have been the understatement of the century. Thanks to Lurch, Russia is now large and in charge on the international stage, and they are feeling their oats. How much? Here’s how much. This morning in the Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times, Vladimir Putin is lecturing us on international law and the dangers of believing in American exceptionalism, concluding with a statement referencing “the Lord’s blessings,” because “God created us equal.”

So to recap, here’s where we are:

Despite all the drama about consequences for Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons, which is still not proven despite what John Kerry keeps repeating endlessly, there have been no consequences and, thanks to the Obama administration’s bungling, there will be no consequences.

A former agent of the Soviet Union’s KGB, an entity known for murder, torture and stuff that makes what has gone on at Gitmo seem like a tea party, who has girl rock bands incarcerated for offensive lyrics, who is also a godless communist is lecturing us on democracy, international law, claiming that we have no right to act unilaterally, but must the consent of U.N., and just for fun, citing God as the cherry on top.

As Bill Keller in the Liberal Death Star states in his piece “Playing Chess with Putin,” 

“A president who once seemed sure-footed, combining prudent diplomacy with the occasional bold stroke (killing Osama bin Laden) now stands accused of being, as his Texan predecessor might have put it, all hat and no cattle. He vowed to bring the Benghazi killers to justice, to stand against the return of military rule in Egypt, to arm the rebels in Syria, to enforce a red line against weapons of mass destruction. So far, he has accomplished none of the above.”

The only thing “incredibly small” in this whole embarrassing episode, the follow up the equally embarrassing Snowden affair, is the little man who once strode the world stage as a rock star, now rendered virtually irrelevant. Putin has outsmarted him at every turn. The only Americans who can happy about these developments are Madeleine Albright, who once lamented the fact that the United States was the world’s sole superpower, and Jimmy Carter, who is now first runner up for the title “Most Ineffective, Feckless American President.”

I’m Confused. Where is the “Severe Consequence” Against Assad for Using Chemical Weapons?

My head is spinning. First there was Barack Obama’s “red line,” which eventually became the world’s red line, or Congress’, but the bottom line on the red line, I think, was that there had to be “consequences,” for using chemical weapons, even if they are “unbelievably small.”

So after several documented uses of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, suddenly his alleged use on August 21 demanded urgent action, but not one that anyone would notice.

Now, the day after Bashar Assad did an interview on American television, on CBS specifically, denying the use or possession of chemical weapons, and issuing a threat against the U.S. and our allies to “expect everything,” he is allowed to continue to stay in power and use the conventional weapons that have killed a hundred thousand Syrians, while agreeing to put those bad chemical weapons under the custody and control of his good friend Vladimir Putin. I’m sure we can trust Vlad and Bashar to turn over all of those CW’s, right?

That whole “Bashar must go” thing is so 2011.

So where exactly are those “consequences,” Dear Reader? Maybe we’ll learn tonight during his TelePrompTer reading.

Not really. There are no consequences, and he’s not going to tell us the truth. As we discussed on this edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, it’s about one thing and one thing only; that is, retaking the House in 2014.

It is ridiculous for John “Lurch” Kerry and other liberals to crow about Obama’s great victory, claiming that it was only the “credible threat of force” that persuaded Assad to give up the chemical weapons he claimed he didn’t have. Everyone on Earth knew that Obama’s Authorization for the Use of Force was DOA, and without it, Obama had no authority to strike, at least arguably. So where is that “credibly threat?” I guess it’s in the same place as those “consequences.”

Syrian Chemical Weapons To Be Placed in Hands of Easter Bunny

Oh wait. It isn’t the Easter Bunny, It’s the “international community,”  which is just about as real  the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy.

Let’s be clear on what just happened. As noted yesterday in this space, Barack Obama, having painted himself into a corner, was rescued by Vladimir Putin, who has played the man-child empty suit like a fiddle. Obama’s stated objective, as much as anyone could tell what it was (and like most of you, given the many shifting stories and rationales, I have had to buy a vowel more than once to try to figure it out) to punish Bashar al-Assad for using chemical weapons and stop him from using them in the future. No one was able to explain how leaving Bashar in charge after lobbing a couple of missiles into kindergartens and hospitals would accomplish either of those goals, but the key is that Obama’s “red line” was those chemical weapons. If Assad agrees to give them to the mythical “international community,” Obama has no choice but to go along, especially since he buys into the idea that we should subordinate our national sovereignty to ridiculous United Nations, and try to convince people that he worked out a masterful solution. The reality is:

  • Obama is in retreat, and looks like a fool, grasping for the lifeline from the wily Putin, who seized this opportunity to show that when it comes to him and Obama, it’s a man v. a boy.
  • The chemical weapons will be in Russia’s control. No one has explained how it’s possible to enter a country in the middle of a civil war and secure weapons that are all over the country. It makes as much sense as Obama and Kerry claiming that they could secure these weapons with no “boots on the ground.” Now that the chemical weapons will be in Russia’s hands, will they enforce the “red line?” Will they “punish” those who used them? They believe it was the rebels, so I guess now the Russians can join Assad’s crack down on them.
  • World power shifted to Russia, and there is now more than one super power. The Bear is back! Somewhere Madeline Albright must be smiling.

Bottom line: Victory for Vlad, Humiliation for Carteresque buffoonish Obama.

KGB Grownup Rescues Man-child “Commander in Chief”

Is Barack Obama the luckiest fool on earth or what? He sticks his foot into his mouth, and paints himself into a corner with his “red line” gaffe. Last week, he makes a statement derided by both his supporters and detractors, as bizarre and borderline delusional, attempting to absolve himself of responsibility for it by denying that it was his red line. Now, in response to a question at a news conference, his Sec. of State, John “Lurch” Kerry, who not only served in Viet Nam, but enabled the enemy with his endorsement of phony atrocity claims, gives Russia an opening.

So who rides to Obama’s rescue, but not America’s. but Vladimir Putin. Of course, the Obama administration will claim that but for the brilliant, decisive action of our Commander-in-Chief, Assad and the Russians would never have tried to come to a negotiated settlement of this “crisis.” Obama is now claiming that even though we never heard anything about the proposal that Assad surrender its chemical weapon stockpile to international control before today, he and Putin discussed it last week. Seriously? That doesn’t past the laugh test.

Putin realized that he could take charge. He has sized up Obama for years, and he knows how in over his head he is. Now Russia looks like the grown up in the room.

Obama gets to save face, albeit at the price of putting him in Putin’s debt, and giving Assad more time to crush his opponents in the civil war. If we are beholden to the Russians, how does that serve America’s interests? It doesn’t. We are weaker. We are the loser. We are the country that needed rescuing from the consequences of our Dear Reader’s ineptness.

“Assad must go?” More Obama trash talking. They gave up on that a long time ago.

Does anyone really think that this chemical weapons lock box idea could actually deprive Assad of weapons? How many years do you think that would take?

Tonight on Fox News Channel Barack Obama told Chris Wallace that he envisions the pursuit of a Congressional authorization of force for his “unbelievably small” limited strike on Syria taking several weeks, which puts it after the beginning of the Obamacare “marketplaces,” which are already a disaster, and the debt ceiling debate.

Was this Syria “crisis” an attempt to distract from the “phony” scandals (IRS, NSA, Benghazi)? Perhaps that was part of it. I still believe that it was largely designed to engineer a repeat of the 2006 elections, allowing the democrats to take the House in 2014. Now there probably won’t be any vote, and I suppose everyone will play along with the notion that the “crisis” was averted.

Do I still have to watch Obama’s TelePrompTer reading tomorrow night?

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Have you checked out my new ebook? You can read it on your Kindle, iPad or on your computer? Learn more.
Thanks for your encouragement and support!


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