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Media Spins Obama’s Bipolar Foreign Policy Bungling Into Brilliant Strategy: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show, 9-15-13

Yesterday the Lame Stream Media was all atwitter, in full thrill up leg mode, about the brilliance of our Dear Reader’s skillful handling of the situation in Syria. As usual, their blind, fanatical embrace of the cult of the personality they created around this empty suit blinds them from what just happened; specifically, Putin outsmarted Obama again. Obama, pick up ...

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Putin Lectures Most Feckless President Evah

Read on to see what we’ve come to, thanks to Barack Obama’s tremendously successful project to “remake” America. On Tuesday night, Barack Obama, who has made clear for his entire adult life that he finds our Constitution extremely deficient because of its enshrinement of the concept of private property, and who has no use for the concept of American exceptionalism, ...

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I’m Confused. Where is the “Severe Consequence” Against Assad for Using Chemical Weapons?

My head is spinning. First there was Barack Obama’s “red line,” which eventually became the world’s red line, or Congress’, but the bottom line on the red line, I think, was that there had to be “consequences,” for using chemical weapons, even if they are “unbelievably small.” So after several documented uses of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, suddenly ...

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Syrian Chemical Weapons To Be Placed in Hands of Easter Bunny

Oh wait. It isn’t the Easter Bunny, It’s the “international community,”  which is just about as real  the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. Let’s be clear on what just happened. As noted yesterday in this space, Barack Obama, having painted himself into a corner, was rescued by Vladimir Putin, who has played the man-child empty suit like a fiddle. ...

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KGB Grownup Rescues Man-child “Commander in Chief”

Is Barack Obama the luckiest fool on earth or what? He sticks his foot into his mouth, and paints himself into a corner with his “red line” gaffe. Last week, he makes a statement derided by both his supporters and detractors, as bizarre and borderline delusional, attempting to absolve himself of responsibility for it by denying that it was his ...

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