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Congratulations, Mr. Trump! Has Cher Boarded the Spaceship Yet?


I told you on last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show that Cher had threatened to leave the planet if Donald Trump won the election. Wait-It’s a Cookbook! I suspect that is just another one of those empty celebrity threats they make whenever a Republican wins an election. If they had made good on all of those, Hollywood would ...

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To Commemorate the D-Day Anniversary, Mr. Lead From Behind Makes Oral Sex Jokes with Celebrities

As we watch America’s role in the world being gleefully diminished by the celebutard currently occupying the Oval Office, it’s instructive to reflect on a time when our nation sacrificed our blood and treasure to rescue the world from evil. Sixty-eight years ago today, American and Allied soldiers fearless stormed the beaches of Normandy to defeat and destroy Adolph Hitler ...

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Why I Can’t Support Ron Paul, and You Shouldn’t Either. The Teri O’Brien Show, 5/29/11

1st Hour Happy Memorial Day! It’s a perfect day to recall Obama’s cringe-inducing “corpsman” remark. Why I Can’t Support Ron Paul, and Why You Shouldn’t Either Gwyneth Paltrow raps. Is this putrid celebrity culture really what our troops fought and died for? Is Lady Gaga a Madonna impersonator or a Cher impersonator? Of just a slut? Can I still say that? Her ...

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