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Who Do Unions Protect? These Guys, That’s Who

As you watch the screeching mobs of union thugs converging on the Michigan state capitol today, keep this story in mind. Remember those Chrysler workers caught smoking dope and drinking on their lunch breaks back in September, 2010? If not, here’s the story, presented for your viewing pleasure, from Detroit tv station WJBK.  Now, an arbitrator has forced Chrysler to ...

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Barack Obama’s Idea of “Success” in Business

As we previously noted here, and Patricia Campion’s excellent reporting details, the idea that GM bailout was a “success” is like everything else touted by this lying, thieving Marxist crew; that is, it’s only by distorting the meaning of common English words that we can call what is clearly a disastrous failure a “success.” I hope you’re sitting down because ...

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