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Clinton VP Candidate Wants More Syrian Refugees in US


Even though as we have noted frequently here, our government admits we can’t vet Syrian refugees. Of course, this view is in line with Hillary’s. Recall that she wants at least 65,000. From The Washington Examiner: A Navy admiral Hillary Rodham Clinton is vetting to be her running mate has been advocating for Washington to let in more Syrian refugees and has ...

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VIDEO: Why Authorities Think Missing Malaysian Plane Is Not A Re-Enactment of the Plot of “Lost,” But Quite Possibly Hijacked

From Buzzfeed: With a week having passed since a Malaysian passenger plane went missing, authorities are now considering the potential that the plane was hijacked. Investigators now believe that the plane’s tracking transponders were intentionally disabled and the plane deviated from its planned course, turned West over the Strait of Malacca, and continued to fly or several hours. Officials believe ...

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