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Last Night’s Debate: First Thoughts

Thanks to those of you who joined the chat room here at my blog during last night’s CNN GOP debate, or I should say tried to join. Early in the proceedings, I got a server error, and when I logged back in, many of you understandably had bailed. I was bummed about that, but I am confident that in the ...

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Vegas Baby! GOP Debate Tonight! Live Chat!

Join us here for the live chat! So Anderson Cooper is going to get out of the makeup chair to moderate the debate. I wonder if he’ll intervene when the other 7 candidates try to bully Herman Cain. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think Citizen Cain needs any help from some blow-dried TelePrompTer-reading metrosexual. It’s just that Anderson seems obsessed with bullying. I ...

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Top Ten “This or That”s Rejected by John King

During last night’s CNN GOP debate, in a bizarre attempt to lighten things up or be hip enough for the kids, or God knows what, anchor/possible Tourette’s sufferer John King chose to bracket each segment with disconcerting questions like “Coke or Pepsi?” and “Leno or Conan?” We just discovered the list of choices that CNN producers rejected, and present them ...

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Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

This morning’s Sunday shows were a treasure trove of interesting ear candy, and because I watch so you don’t have to, I’ll share the words of buffoonish former Illinois “Republican,” and I mean that in the most offensive way you can imagine, who tried to muster some faux outrage over air traffic controllers who need a nap more than the ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show