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Washington State to Enforce Penalties Against “Faithless” Clinton Electors


Gee, I wonder if Martin Sheen and those “celebrities,” most of whom were unrecognizable, knew what they were starting by telling the electors to “vote their conscience.” From Lawnewz: The Washington State’s Secretary of State’s Office confirmed to LawNewz.com that they plan to pursue civil penalties against the four Electors who defected from the State’s popular vote, and opted not to vote for ...

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Hillary: I’m a “No Excuse Person” Now Using Colin Powell as an Excuse

Big Bucks

If you can find someone less likely to make an excuse than Hillary Rodham Clinton, I’d like to meet that person. OJ, are you taking visitors in prison? Over the last seven and one-half years, you have often heard me say, after recounting the latest despicable act of blatant straight-faced lying,unrepentant in-your-face lawlessness or brain-dead stupidity in either our political ...

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IG: Crooked Hillary Broke Email Rules to Keep Her Activities Secret


Hillary said “I complied with every rule.” Wrong. “I did not email any classified material to anyone. There is no classified material.” Wrong. More than 2500 classified emails have been found so far. Gee, I can’t understand why so many people think that Hillary is dishonest and not trustworthy, can you? From The Washington Free Beacon: Hillary Clinton told a ...

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What You Know, Joe? Show Notes 1/13/13

Joe Biden prepares to release his carefully considered recommendations to prevent “gun violence,” which he has had in a drawer for the last 30 years, while Lame Stream Media continues to pretend that the emperor has clothes. They’re back. The “No Labels” group, as in No Principles, No Brains and No Commitment to our rights wants to “compromise” on our ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show