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Big Surprise: Obamacare Will Cause Millions to Be Kicked Off Employer-Provided Health Care


Obamacare was designed to usher in government-run, single-payer health care, so this story is not exactly news to knowledgeable observers. If you know any low-fo’s, you might want to pass this along. From Fox News: In the latest report to undercut President Obama’s “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” promise, the Congressional Budget Office projects ...

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VIDEO: Kathleen “Nurse Ratched” Sebelius: Obamacare NOT a Job Killer

There’s a great scene, actually a lot of great scenes, in David Lean’s 1965 movie, Dr. Zhivago. In the post-revolution Soviet Union, the good doctor examines a corpse and pronounces the cause of death as typhus. A party apparatchik disputes his assertion, stating “There is no typhus in the Soviet Union.” I thought of that scene when I saw this ...

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The Orwellian Newspeak of the Obama Regime

Cross-posted at Clash Daily Click here to get the Official Teri O’Brien Shirt After the release of Tuesday’s CBO report, it’s official. Barack Obama’s ridiculous health insurance scheme, deliberately designed to destroy private insurance and usher in the Left’s 100-year-old dream of a government-run single payer system, provides disincentives to work, to marry and to be personally responsible about one’s ...

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Middle East in Flames, U.S. Economy in Toilet, and Where’s Obama? Lying to Kids About Student Loan Cash Going to Obamacare

Just where you would expect him to be; that is, telling lies to groups of backward children on college campuses. He’s recycling one of his greatest hits from last year’s presidential campaign, bloviating about the high cost of college. The student loan situation is a classic example of what happens when liberal “compassion” drives public policy. The inevitable result is ...

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