Another Obamacare Delay with a Wave of His Mighty Hand. Can Anyone Stop The Lawless Obama Regime? Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 1-19-14



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You Can’t Make This Up File: Blago Prosecutor Going After Gov. Chris Christie | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess (Orchestrated hit job on Christie being conducted from Chicago on the Potomac. What a shock! Suddenly, democrat mayor of Hoboken who had praised Gov. Christie, claims she was threatened by Lt. Gov. who said the message came from the governor. How convenient.)

Obamacare rules on equal coverage delayed: NY Times | Reuters 

The Winners and Losers of Obamacare: Only 11% of People Who Signed Up For Obamacare Were Previously Uninsured | Josh Blackman’s Blog

Can Obama’s Legal End-Run Around Congress Be Stopped? – David Rivkin and Elizabeth Price Foley – POLITICO Magazine

S.T.O.P. Resolution | Congressman Tom Rice (Please visit Rep. Rice page and become a Citizen Cosponsor of HR 442, which directs the House of Representatives to initiate litigation against the Obama regime for its lawless actions)

Californians For Population Stabilization (they ask the question we’ve been asking; that is, how does legalizing millions of poorly educated, low-skilled people help raise Americans’ wages or increase the number of American jobs?)

7 super-violent Harvey Weinstein movies that glorify guns | (Not to worry. He’s not going to do it any more. He’s not giving the money back either.)

Ted Nugent compares Jewish Harvey Weinstein to Nazi propagandist over anti-NRA film – NY Daily News

Conceal carry permits — It’s a Downstate, collar county thing – Chicago Sun-Times (Lame Stream Media is flummoxed. Why do people in these counties with very low crime want to exercise their Second Amendment rights? Maybe because they want to keep their counties that way)

New Movie, Same Old Skin Game – Taki’s Magazine (the truth about “12 Years a Slave”)

Erin Brockovich – Fire in the Mind | (Hollywood hog Weinstein was right about one thing. Movies sway the opinions of the uninformed. This Erin B movie was a celebration of the joys of using junk science to shake down businesses.)

Piers Morgan: Say, Isn’t Ambassador Stevens to Blame For His Own Death In Benghazi? – Leah Barkoukis (The Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times started this Hillary protection program: Blame the dead guy.)

BENGHAZI WAS PREVENTABLE: Hillary Clinton cited for major security lapses – Washington Times

Is Obama marriage on the rocks? Claims of ugly fights and even a Presidential affair | Mail Online 

Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr: ‘A lorry crashed into us leaving me paralysed’ | Showbiz | News | Daily Express

Eugene Register-Guard – Google News Archive Search (Dead tree story about Graham Kerr that mentions that he drank wine on his show long before that woman hosting the embarrassing and bizarre pro-Obamacare video came up with the idea for a “cooking while drunk” show. Never doubt me.)

Bob Goodlatte pushes immigration solution – Seung Min Kim – (Speaking of never doubt me …)

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This Time, The Stench in D.C. is Not Coming from the White House

What’s that smell? People who assumed that Barack Obama had brought the reeking stink from the political slough of corruption and cronyism that spawned him, Cook County, to D.C. can be forgiven. That analysis makes sense, but this time, it’s actually the “corpse flower.”

From Live Science:

The aptly nicknamed corpse flower on display in Washington, D.C., has finally gone into full bloom, unleashing a stench like rotting flesh inside the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory.

The visual and olfactory spectacle is a rare and brief event. The foul-smelling flower, also called the titan arum, will only be open for 24 to 48 hours before it collapses. This is the first time a blossoming specimen has been on display at the U.S. Botanic Garden since 2007.

24-48 hours before it collapses? What a perfect metaphor for Obama regime’s story about the heinous use of the IRS to target Barack’s political enemies.

Stay tuned.

Obama’s Payback Scheme for “Unfair” Racist Amerika Succeeding Brilliantly: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show-6-30-13

As the Lame Stream Media continues to operate as the PR shop for the Obama White House, distracting low and moderate information people with the shiny object of the week, be it Paula Deen’s crucifixion for the decades-old sin of using a word that is proudly included in the top ten hip hop songs in America today, the trial of the man who killed Barack’s pretend son, or the location of useful idiot/”29-year-old hacker” Edward Snowden, the country is gradually being transformed into a Cook County writ large. For those of you unaware of what that looks like, it features crony capitalism, race-obsessed politics, corrupt political elites stealing the hard-earned cash of those unfortunate enough not to be in on the whole racket. The Obamacare train wreck was the first step, a massive income redistribution racket, premised on the belief that it’s “unfair” that those who work and achieve should be able to obtain better medical care than the wino pushing the shopping cart and muttering to himself, the illegal alien and his many relatives, or the shiftless serial sperm donor, his many baby mamas and their spawn. Last week, the One announced his plan for unilateral economic disarmament, using the horrors of “climate change” as an excuse to kill American jobs and increase energy prices for those who can least afford them. The final solution, originated back in 1966 by Professors Cloward and Piven, is opening up the federal treasury to the entire planet, courtesy of amnesty. Is there anything that we can do to stop this insanity?

Homosexual activists celebrate a partial victory in the Supreme Court on the issue of so-called “same sex marriage,” which was inevitable after Anthony “Swinging Tony” Kennedy’s opinion ten years ago in Lawrence v. Texas, which was absurd, just like this latest emotionally-driven drivel, the “landmark” United States v. Windsor. Did Rand Paul really say he agreed with this opinion? Seriously? Does he agree that those who support traditional marriage are bigots who disparage human dignity? I guess by that measure Bill Clinton was a hating bigot, and up until 14 months ago, so was Barack Hussein Obama.

Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Africa

It costs a lot to look this ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the Obamas enjoy their well-deserved reparations, this time during a $100 million African adventure. Remember when George and Laura Bush went to Africa to open and serve in AIDs clinics? Barack, being the insufferable gasbag that he is, totes his ‘PrompTer over there to speechify, while the First Klingon stomps around in a series of hideous, but unbelievably expensive, outfits. Is anyone surprised that Barack Obama’s “personal hero” Nelson Mandela, a man he compared to George Washington, is an admitted communist, or is it rude to mention that?

Joining us to discuss the state of our country, and her desire to try to save it, will be Tea Party star and “proud American woman,” Becky Gerritson. I find her activism and that of fellow patriots particularly interesting as we approach the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Speaking of twisted family trees and multiple baby mamas, the Trayvon Martin saga began with a sanitized portrayal of the pot and gun loving teen, and now, it turns out that the profile scrubbing didn’t end with ridiculously-named Trayvon. Wait until you hear about the old man, Tracy Martin.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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Illinois to get Concealed Carry… But not you Chicago.

Despite the big win for the 2nd Amendment, and Illinois residents in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, it seems that Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and Chicago Police Superintendent Geri Mc Carthy want to decide the issue of concealed carry for you.  They will decide if you really need a gun.  (Maybe if you beg they will let you have one.)

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Sheriff Tom Dart said Sunday that he is proposing a concealed-carry gun ordinance to keep Cook County from becoming the “Wild West.”

Dart said he’s worried about a stalemate in the General Assembly on a law to license people to carry concealed guns. If legislators don’t meet a June 9 court deadline to pass such a law, anyone with a state firearm owner’s identification card could legally walk anywhere in public with a concealed weapon, Dart said. …

Dart’s ordinance would give him the power to approve and reject licenses to carry concealed guns in Cook County. Applicants would have to pay a $300 fee for a license.

Gee, where’s my shocked face? A Cook County official has come up with a “solution” that not only involves his having absolute power, but also requires our paying more money to Cook County to exercise our God-given rights? Of course!

But will criminals see it the Sheriff’s way?  How safe do you feel?  Remember, 911= “Dial a Prayer.”  

White House Dog Bo’s Chief of Staff Makes Six Figures, But They Have to Suspend White House Tours for You, Peasants

As much as I hate quoting myself, sometimes it’s necessary. In a post entitled “A Cast Study in Obama’s Chicago Way,” , dated 10/18/11, about a Kenneth E. Pannaralla, a Chicago pol living very well thanks to Cook County tax payers, I wrote:

This story illustrates the Obama pyramid that is the overall goal of the One, who somehow in the view of some emerged dry and sweet-smelling, despite his origins in the stinking slough of corruption, crony capitalism and fraud that is Cook County, Illinois. The ideal America envisioned by those running Chicago on the Potomac is Cook County writ large, with the political royalty like Barack, Michelle and friends living large on the taxpayers’ dime with their date nights, luxury vacations and celebrity soirées at the very top, in the center, those like Mr. Pannaralla, members of public employee unions, and identity politics mascot groups, all of whom benefit from the favors doled out in exchange for their loyalty to the sleazy regime, and at the bottom (you guessed it), the rest of us, whose job it is to silently submit and pay.

I thought of my theory of the Cook Countization of the United States today when I saw this piece from Charles Cook, well-respected political writer and publisher of The Cook Report, entitled “Living Large in the Obama White House.” 

Mr. Cook piles on those who have busted the Obama administration on its obvious politically-motivated and completely unnecessary suspension of White House tours, a turn of events that had to shock the One, who assumed that the lap dog, battered wife LSM would go along with the Official Story (“it’s the Republicans’ fault!”). He notes:

The executive mansion is not in that much trouble, of course. It’s certainly not in sufficiently dire straits for Air Force One ($181,757 per hour) to be grounded, or to see the executive chef ($100,000 per year) furloughed, or to cut back on the hours of the three full-time White House calligraphers ($277,050 per year for the trio), or to limit the invaluable work of the chief of staff to the president’s dog ($102,000 per year), or to trim his ridiculous motorcade ($2.2 million). If Ellen DeGeneres wants another dancercize session or Spain holds another clothing sale, the first family will be there before you can say “citizen executive.” Fear ye not, serfs: Austerity may be word of the week, but the president is by no means in any danger of being forced to live like the president of a republic instead of like a king.

In addition to quoting myself, let me quote one of the great lines in the terrific film “The Philadelphia Story:” “one of the prettiest sights in this pretty world is the privileged classes enjoying their privileges.” Worth noting: the rich folks living large in that movie were spending their own money.

Are you getting angry yet? Good. That means you are paying attention.

Did David “Howdy Doody” Gregory Violate DC’s Gun Laws? Show Notes, 12/23/12

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David Gregory, another phony hypocritical liberal who doesn’t want to live by the rules he wants to impose on you, holds up a 30-round magazine on his show, thereby violating DC’s strict gun laws. Plus, the doofus sends his kids to the same school as Obama’s kids, where there are armed guards and the Secret Service!

Sign the petition to have Gregory prosecuted. How do you like your strict gun laws now, Mr. Gregory?

Our Special Guests:

Rich Pearson, Executive Director, Illinois State Rifle Association

Eric Dondero, Libertarian Republican, on boycotting democrats over the holidays

Note: Our scheduled guest, Cherylyn Harley LeBon of Project 21 could not join us since she was delayed returning from another commitment. We will be rescheduling her appearance, so stay tuned.

Obama says “so long, Suckers” and jets off on his $4million Hawaiian holiday, leaving Congress to deal with the “fiscal cliff,” after telling Boehner, Michael Corleone-style “my offer is nothing.” (ICKS-nay on the “Cliffmas” talk, please.)

Speaker Boehner’s Plan B Exposes Obama’s Grade-A Tax-the-Rich Lie –

Will Speaker Boehner be replaced? Who would want this job?

WSJ: Obama threatened Boehner that he’ll use Inauguration & SOTU speches to blame GOP |

Bizarro World: Oblivious gun grabbers Rev. Al Sharpton interviews radical priest Father Michael Pfleger on the 24/7 nuthouse MS-NBC, and they lament the gun violence in Chicago, which has the most restrictive gun laws in the country. (

2nd Amendment Update with Rich Pearson, Illinois State Rifle Association 

Vacuous Hollywood morons team up with Mayor Bloomberg. Yes, it is documented that there are dolphins more intelligent than most of these people.

Federal court ruling on Illinois concealed carry ban sets stage for appeal, legislative battle – Washington Post

At a Friday press event, NRA CEO and Exec VP Wayne LaPierre tells the truth about what will work to make schools safe. Lame Stream Media, predictably, goes nuts.

W. LaPierre-Gun NutW.LaPierre-Craziest Man on Earth

NRA’s LaPierre misses opportunity in anti-gun-control rant after Newtown massacre –

Daily News America – Breaking national news, video, and photos – Homepage – NY Daily News

On ABC’s “This Week,” Grover Norquist injects some common sense, reminding Georgie S and viewers that when Bill Clinton proposed the same idea, armed cops in schools, everyone thought it was a perfectly rational idea. Another example of Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel’s “never let a crisis go to waste.” (audio at ~1:49:45)

Wayne LaPierre exposes Michael Bloomberg’s hypocrisy, which I reminded listeners is like Barack Obama’s “Cook County” plan for the entire country. (~1:23)

Months Before Shooting, “Civil Liberties” Groups Defeated Conn. Law Aimed at the Violent Mentally Ill : The Republican Party Animals

The Lame Stream Media didn’t think Barack Obama’s bizarre self-absorbed blathering about his family vacation at the late Sen. Daniel Inouye’s memorial service, but we did.

Obama Uses Funeral Service to Talk About Himself | The Weekly Standard

Even the liberals noticed:

Barack Obama’s eulogy to Daniel Inouye told us more about the president than the memory of a remarkable senator. – Slate Magazine

Flashback: Obama pays tribute to Neil Armstrong, the only way he knows how | The Daily Caller

Eric Dondero on Boycotting Democrats — Daily Intelligencer

Rules of Engagement – (chart that humorist Rob Long plans to hand out to liberals at holiday gatherings before he decides to converse with them about politics)

Remember, these political arguments can get pretty heated:

Wife runs husband over during political argument – FOX5 Vegas – KVVU