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EPA’s Illegal Use of Taxpayer Money for Propaganda: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-19-2017

During the Obama Regime, the EPA illegal used taxpayer funds for propaganda. Plus Starting last July, democrats alleged that the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russian government to influence the outcome of the presidential election, so wouldn’t it have been a violation of Barack Obama’s oath of office NOT to investigate the Trump campaign? So why the faux outrage when ...

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$400 Billion: That’s How Much Hillary’s Refugee Plan Would Cost


And this $400 billion DOES NOT include the increased national security cost of Hillary’s refugee plan. Are you ready to bend over again, Taxpayer? How will these costs affect your grandchildren? What a terrific idea: let’s “seed” (the Obama Regime’s word, now that they have finally been forced to admit what their scheme is all about-See “The Task Force for ...

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Nearly a Quarter of Earned Income Tax Credit Paid Out in 2015 Were Improper


Earned Income Tax credit fraud? John Koskinen is too busy lying to Congress, destroying evidence, stonewalling investigations and continuing to go after conservative groups to worry about that! He also doesn’t have time to testify at a House Oversight hearing considering his impeachment, and, by the way, he says he’s never spoken to Lois Lerner. From The Washington Free Beacon: ...

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Russian Diplomats Scam Medicaid to the Tune of $1.5 million

From ABC News: Four dozen Russian diplomats and their spouses have fraudulently been using Medicaid to cover the costs of pregnancy and child birth over the last decade, costing American taxpayers $1.5 million, the FBI said today in a criminal complaint. The complaint unsealed today claims that from 2004 to 2013 there were 63 births to Russian diplomats stationed in ...

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