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Exposing the Communist Conspiracy Against America: Trevor Loudon, Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 020

Ken Timmerman

  Trevor Loudon is a tireless warrior against the communist Left, and it was a distinct pleasure to speak to him again. Listen to the interview to hear about the event that inspired him to start his decades-long fight against communism. Please be sure to check out Trevor’s excellent documentaries, which are incredibly eye-opening and which every liberty-loving American should ...

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Texas Lt. Governor to Obama: Go Pound Sand


Don’t mess with Texas. From KHOU: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he would look for ways to reimburse Texas school systems if they lose federal funds over transgender restroom policies. “I think the people of Texas would join with the legislature to try to find a way around it… to try to find money somewhere,” Patrick told WFAA late ...

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Has It Come to This? Are We Refugees in Our Own Country?


On July 24, 2014, the Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times reported that, true to form, rather than enforcing our immigration laws, the Obama Regime is looking for innovative ways to make sure that as many of the poor, sick, illiterate, and desperate Third World illegal alien invaders stay here permanently. These folks are natural born democrat voters ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show