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French to Muslims: How About Some Diversity at the Market?


Holy Diversity, Batman! Diversity is great, until of course, it encourages on Islamist desires to remake the West. From The Telegraph UK: Good Price discount mini-market in Colombes has been told by the local housing authority, from which it rents its premises, that it has not followed the conditions on the lease that stipulate that the shop must act as ...

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You Only Hack The One You Love: Another Syrian Refugee Machete Attack


The word “hack” has gotten tossed around rather cavalierly in the last week, usually in stories relating to cyber-security. Leave it to those wacky Syrian refugees, this time one who allegedly attacked and killed a co-worker that he “loved.” s You know, they are “old school,” as in 7th century, right? From The Telegraph UK: Syrian man has attacked and killed a ...

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Where’s My Safe Space? State Department Bans “Microaggression”


State Department Bans “Microaggression,” which I think means mentioning the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, among other things like saying “Merry Christmas”   From The Daily Caller: Following the example set by elite liberal universities, the U.S. State Department has begun cracking down on “microaggressions” in the workplace. According to a newsletter from State Department chief diversity officer John Robinson, ...

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Left Coast Land of Flakes, Fruit and Nuts Abandons Any Pretense of Rule of Law

Traditionally, we have revered the idea that Justice is blind, applied neutrally to everyone who seeks it by wise, temperate judges, bound by judicial precedent and by statutes passed by duly-elected legislators. By those standards, the personal desires or situations of judges who apply the law should be completely irrelevant, and should have no impact on their decisions. The good people ...

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