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Obama Meets With Denizens of the 24/7 Nuthouse

This explains A LOT. President Obama held an off-the-record meeting with MSNBC hosts and liberal pundits on Thursday, POLITICO has learned. Present at the meeting: MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and Lawrence O’Donnell, Washington Post economics blogger Ezra Klein, Mother Jones Washington bureau chief David Corn, Talking Points Memo editor and publisher Josh Marshall, ThinkProgress editor-in-chief Judd Legum, Atlantic senior editor Garance ...

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“That Didn’t Take Long” File: Left’s “47% Video” Hero is a Tax Evader Who Drives Without Insurance, and Likes to File Lawsuits

No, not the hillbilly mutant grandson of the King of the Useful Idiots, James Earl Carter the Fourth, who found the video on YouTube. I refer instead to the person who actually who was responsible for capturing the infamous “47%” video of Mitt Romney with a hidden camera. Last week when MS-NBC’s bloated blowhard Ed Schulz was promoting his big ...

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Delusional Democrats on Parade: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

We find ourselves in fascinating times. With five months until the 2012 election, the economy continues to stagnate, as last Friday’s abysmal job numbers demonstrated again. Team Obama has responded with an endless agenda of taxpayer-subsidized campaign fundraisers. Bashar Assad continues to slaughter his people, while the American administration that freely sent firearms into Mexico to arm drug kingpins carrying ...

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