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Shocking News! Obamacare to Cause Health Insurance Rates to Triple

Stop the presses. When government demands that people be permitted to avoid buying “insurance” for years, only to be entitled to do so after they discover that they are sick, (1) that’s not insurance and (2) as result, current costs for “insurance” will necessarily skyrocket. Think about it. If you could avoid buying auto insurance knowing that you could never ...

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Scalia Tells Truth. Left Goes Nuts.

Also Posted  at ClashDaily. The re-election of Barack Obama, inspired a lot of discussion of the phenomenon of the “low information voter.” That’s understandable. Throughout 2012, pollsters told us that the most important issue to the American people was the economy and jobs. Then in November they elected a guy who has as much interest in economic growth as Ellen ...

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The Celebutard Factor: Barack Obama Appears on Jimmy Fallon’s Show

As we repeatedly discuss here, and on the Teri O’Brien Show, one of the Obama campaign’s major constituencies is the low-information potential voter. In 2008, they managed to convince millions of dolts who couldn’t name their members of Congress at gunpoint and whose only previous experience with voting consisted of texting in their votes for their favorite would-be “American Idol” ...

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