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One Obamacare Tax That May Actually Be Temporary (But Probably Won’t Be)

As explained in this previous post, Obamacare is the end of private health insurance, and, as most of you have long known, that was the original intention. It’s also an endless cornucopia of surprises. The One accomplishes the slaying of this unfair and outmoded institution by eliminating the practice of “medical underwriting,” which means that by law, insurance companies must ...

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Shouldn’t America’s Number 1 Fitness Expert Know How to Do a Proper Pushup?

Slobbering media sycophantic reports notwithstanding, half-assed Michelle, and I use the term figuratively, continues her outreach to the key Obama constituency, the low/no information, celebutard worshipping voter, showing with Jimmy Fallon that she still can’t do a proper pushup. She did those same affirmative action, half pushups she did when she “beat” Ellen in a pushup contest! Or maybe she ...

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5 Simple Suggestions for Those Starting a Fitness Program

This is the time of year when many people start to think of getting in shape. It’s that whole New Year’s resolution thing, which I really hate. My feeling is that if you realize it’s time to make some changes, you should make them, whether it’s January 1st or August 18th. Let’s face it. These New Year’s resolutions are made ...

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