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Obama’s Jack-Booted Thuggery Strikes Again: FEMA to Punish States with Climate Change “Deniers” as Governor

Obama Regime Targets Climate Change “Deniers” by Threatening to Withhold FEMA funds As we predicted he would be, with the 2012 election safely behind him, Barack Obama is off the leash. Any self-imposed restraints on his desire to go into full metal, balls to the wall leftist despot mode are gone, as he vows to tyrannically wield his pen and ...

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Gov. Chris Christie’s Ego: Bigger Than His Waistline

We should have realized something was up back in August, when Chris Christie gave the keynote address at the GOP’s convention. Do you remember that speech? If not, here’s a little reminder from a liberal at the Daily Beast, Michael Tomasky: Well, that was a good speech for Chris Christie, wasn’t it? That was kind of shocking, actually. Of course ...

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Hurricane Sandy Gives Lame Stream Media a Temporary Excuse for Benghazi Blackout

Before Hurricane Sandy made landfall, the tv geniuses who analyze and enlighten us speculated about the impact that the storm would have on the One’s re-election prospects. Would he benefit from looking “presidential?” Would Gov. Romney “strike the right tone” in the aftermath? I’m not sure whether it will help or hurt either candidate, but I know one group who ...

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