Now The French Are The Ones with Cajones

On yesterday’s show, time constraints made it impossible for us to discuss the breakdown of talks with Iran about their nuclear program. I did mention that Iran’s new “moderate” leader was tweeting over the weekend about his nation’s “right” to have nuclear weapons, but that was it.

If you haven’t heard, the French were the ones who said the deal wasn’t tough enough on Iran. John “Lurch” Kerry is trying to downplay that, for obvious reasons.

Yesterday on one of the Sunday shows, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) said that it seemed that the Iranians want the deal more than we do, which is a very bad sign. True dat.

As Barack Obama continues his project of cutting America down to size, the French go from cheese-eating surrender monkeys to world leaders. He is indeed historic.

Uplifting Mali Update

The French, who have been fighting wayward Libyan rebels for some days now in Mali have requested assistance from the U.S. with air-refueling and C-17 airlifts. Incredibly, the Obama administration is demanding payment.

Until a few days ago, the Obama Administration was insisting that France reimburse us for all airlift and tanker missions flown in support of air ops over Mali.  At the time, the bill was somewhere between $17-19 million dollars.  Relative chump change, but the French were incensed.  Officials in Paris are quick to point out their folks are doing the fighting (and dying) over there.  All they’re asking from the U.S. is more airlift to get soldiers, beans and bullets into the war zone, and tanker support to sustain the air bridge to Mali.  We should also point out that other NATO allies (notably Great Britain, Canada and Denmark) are providing support to the French without charge.

I can see Obama leading from behind the Greeks, but the French? I mean, really. That’s half of one of Moochelle’s vacations.

Silent America and its President

I’m not one that can stomach much more of this speechifying, but remember this?

Al Qaeda is on the run… right, right, right…


During the third and final presidential debate, which focused on foreign policy, Romney slipped in an aside about Mali that attracted some derision on Twitter at the time, but now looks wise in retrospect.

With the Arab Spring, came a great deal of hope that there would be a change towards more moderation, and opportunity for greater participation on the part of women in public life, and in economic life in the Middle East. But instead, we’ve seen in nation after nation, a number of disturbing events. Of course we see in Syria, 30,000 civilians having been killed by the military there. We see in — in Libya, an attack apparently by, I think we know now, by terrorists of some kind against — against our people there, four people dead.

Our hearts and — and minds go out to them. Mali has been taken over, the northern part of Mali by Al Qaeda type individuals.

Mitt Romney knew about the danger in Mali by the third debate. Obama must have as well. After the debacle in Libya, one would think the Commanders in Extremis Force would have moved closer to Northern Mali. There was even enough time to deploy one of the 14 carrier battle groups.

Instead, this White House has chosen to lead from behind the French, for Goodness sake. All we get is silence. Silence on Benghazi, silence on Mali, silence on the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

It’s almost like we lost The War on Terror and nobody told us. I can’t think of a thing the enemy would have demanded upon our surrender that we haven’t already given them. And now we have a president that refuses to protect Americans. It’s unprecedented.

I am reminded of Bill Whittle’s speech some time ago:

That is what a president would sound like.

TOTUS is so busy bashing the NRA- there is no time to discuss protection of Americans.