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Communists Announce Plans to Rescue Obama and The Democrats … J. D. Longstreet

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

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How often have we told our readers that the Democratic Party is the party of Communism and Socialism?    How many times have we noted the Marxist philosophy of Obama, of Hillary, et al?

Now, the Communist Party USA has stepped from the shadows and openly admitted their involvement with the American left including the Democratic Party and Obama.  

They have announced their decision to aid the Democrats in holding on to the US Senate in the upcoming November election.

The Communist Party USA was formed in Chicago in 1919.   Recently, Communist Party USA Chairman Sam Webb spoke to his fellow travelers by way of a web streaming event entitled: “Taking care of the future: from here to socialism.”

Mr. Webb said:

“We can talk about shortening the work week, green jobs, restructuring the economy, we can talk about the de-militarization of the economy and putting those people back to work in jobs that are productive,” Webb said. “The starting point has to be this immediate engagement, but once we do that many things become possible such as more radical demands.” 

Mr. Webb explained that since Obama had become President Americans were more willing to accept socialism and communism.

Mr. Webb went on to say

“The good news is the same hang-ups or stereotypes that people had 30 to 40 years ago are not so evident today,” he said. “Growing numbers of people are ready to have a conversation about socialism. There have been public opinion polls that indicate that substantial numbers have more confidence in socialism than capitalism.”

“We have to let people know what our vision is. The climate in the country is different. We can have a different conversation than we could have 30 to 40 years ago, even 20 years ago. Socialism is no longer a white-hot word, people are willing to talk about it.”

Webb said Communists are planning an effort to unite left-wing groups to protect Democrats and President Obama from losing the US Senate to tea party candidates or, more precisely – conservative candidates.

We suggest you read the entire article at WND.COM

It has not been that long ago when the democrats would refute the claim by conservatives that the Democratic Party was, in fact, a socialist party.  No longer.  The Democrats have gone from covert to overt.  They have slithered out of the shadows into the light and their true colors, the hammer and sickle, can be clearly seen and they can no longer deny their embrace of the communist/socialist dogma.

Recently my teeth have been set on edge as I  listened to Obama’s rhetoric about “fairness,” in this or that, and his use of the words “fair share” to drive a wedge between the American classes, and especially the words, or phrase, income inequality” which seals the deal.

When a nation seeks income equality it is accepting socialism as its core philosophy.  Income inequality is the clarion call for redistribution of a nation’s wealth. It is as simple and as basic as that.

Demonstrating his communist core belief, Obama has led the charge to teach the low/info voters to hate the “patricians” and the “plutocrats” – the very people who financed — and continue to finance — America’s success as the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

Our very own communist President believes — and preaches — that wealthy Americans must be brought low and their wealth confiscated and redistributed to the – ahem – less fortunate among us.

We have now seen the President’s abuse of the power of the Executive Order.  Obama is intent on diluting democratic freedom in America by infusing socialism/communism into every agency and administration under the control of the executive branch of the government.

Why wouldn’t the Communist Party be proud of their man in the White House?  Why wouldn’t the Communist Party pull out all the stops to support him and his communist/socialist minions in the US Senate?

America is sinking ever deeper into the muck and mire of communism.  If we are unable to extricate her she will die just as all the other nations that have cast their lot with socialism and communism.

So don’t be surprised that the Communist Party USA will be working to rescue the Democratic Party this November.  The democrats are a part of the socialist/communist movement. 

As soon as Americans stop fooling themselves into thinking and believing that America is NOT a communist/socialist nation, then we can begin to throw off the shackles of dictatorial government and the oppression of the new American police state we have become and return America to her constitutional government.

J. D. Longstreet

Happy Presidents’ Day as “Historic” Obama, 1st Affirmative Action and 1st Red Diaper Baby, Occupies White House


Have you checked out my new ebook? You can read it on your Kindle, iPad or on your computer? Learn more. Thanks for your encouragement and support!

Have you checked out my new ebook? You can read it on your Kindle, iPad or on your computer? Learn more.
Thanks for your encouragement and support!

Thanks to our guests, Andrew F. Branca of, who appeared to talk about the Michael Dunn “loud music” trial in Florida, and Prof. Paul Kengor, to talk about the stunning and disturbing facts about Barack Obama’s communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, and the rest of the communist cabal that paved his way to the White House.

Happy Presidents’ Day, Comrades! Grab Your FREE copy of The ABC’s of Barack Obama: Understanding God’s Greatest Gift to America (Free trial ends Presidents’ Day, Monday, 2/17/14)

Want to Read Ebooks, But Don’t Have a Kindle or an iPad? No worries. You Can Read Them on Your Computer Paul Kengor (From his bio: “​Dr. Paul Kengor is a New York Times best-selling author and professor of political science at Grove City College. He is also executive director of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College and a visiting fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace at Stanford University. As a presidential historian known for his scholarship on the Cold War, Communism, and Ronald Reagan, Dr. Kengor’s opinion editorials have appeared in the nation’s leading print and online publications, and he is a frequent commentator on top-rated radio and television news programs. Kengor received his doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, his master’s degree from American University’s School of International Service.”) Paul Kengor: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Frank Marshall Davis Files (The website that Dr. Kengor referred to on the show, where Cliff Kincaid has posted the FBI belonging to Obama’s card-carrying communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis)

Judge Arenda Wright Allen
The federal judge who doesn’t know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Meet Judge Arenda Wright Allen, who struck down Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage – The Washington Post (like the man who appointed her, a poster child for ignorance and affirmative action)

Federal Judge Misquotes Constitution in Va. Gay Marriage Decision | CNS News

Groupon discounts U.S. history, declares Alexander Hamilton president – (you realize that several people had to review this mailing, touting Alexander Hamilton as president, right? Feeling pretty good about the future of the country? Me either.)

1 in 4 Americans unaware that Earth circles Sun – Yahoo News

John Kerry mocks those who deny climate change |

Law of Self Defense – preorder page

Protected: Enhanced Subscriber Show Notes: “Historic” President: 1st Affirmative-Action AND 1st Red Diaper Baby

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Usual Suspects Display Their Stunning Stupidity, Race-Baiting and Obsession with Homosexuality While A Communist Occupies the White House: Today On The Teri O’Brien Show, 2-16-14


Happy President’s Day Weekend, Comrades! To celebrate, we’ll have an interview with Prof. Paul Kengor, connecting the red dots between Barack Obama, his card-carrying communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis and the rest of the pinko Chicago cabal, including David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett. (Also, today and tomorrow, to celebrate the holiday, you can download a free copy of The ABC’s of Barack Obama: Understanding God’s Greatest Gift to America. Details here. Grab it before you lose out!)

I hate to burst your bubble, liberal media types, but not only don’t we care about whether NFL prospect Michael Sam is a homosexual, we are laughing at you behind your backs as you use this earth-shattering “news” as an opportunity for chest-pounding declarations of your open-mindedness and commitment to “civil rights.” Unfortunately, as is so often the case, that commitment doesn’t extend to people who disagree with these buffoons, and who consider homosexuality deviant and unnatural. Several who dared to suggest that the “coming out” of Mr. Sam is nothing to celebrate found themselves punished for saying so. Yes, these Neanderthals still exist, but I suspect that even they are more concerned about actual news, such as the fact that our country is being destroyed by a lawless regime, abetted by lawless federal courts, who have no use for the Constitution, federalism or separation of powers. In other words, all the checks and balances that the Founders wisely provided to protect us from getting into the mess we’re in now, that are being tossed aside because “we can’t wait” for “hope and change.” Our Useful Idiot of the Week, another Obama appointee who like the One himself, is poster child for ignorance and affirmative action, is a federal judge who doesn’t know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and that quaint archaic Constitution thing.

We’ll spotlight the 2nd Amendment on today’s show. Yesterday, Michael Dunn was convicted of attempted murder and a weapons violation in the so-called “loud music” case in Florida. The jury couldn’t reach a verdict on the first degree murder charge for the killing of Jordan Davis. The jury’s decision, which came after 40 hours, gave CNN’s Don Lemon, and an assembled panel that included Benjamin Crump, family lawyer for Trayvon Martin’s parents, a chance to whine about America’s on-going racism. What facts about the four “children” that Mr. Dunn shot at are they leaving out? Is this case really a “stand your ground” case? We’ve got the expert on this case, who has provided blow-by-blow coverage of the trial since it began, Andrew Branca of The Law of Self-Defense. 

Closing reminder to the folks at Groupon on this Presidents’ Day weekend: Alexander Hamilton was never actually president.

Tune in today for the rest of the story. Be Ahead of the Curve. Hear The Actual News You May Have Missed.

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We know who wears the mom-jeans in that family

Frank Marshall Davis, who penned a thinly veiled memoir celebrating his and his wife’s sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl stated:

“The number of white babes interested in at least one meeting with a Negro male has been far more than I can handle.”

I wrote about him before and have seen the pr0n shots allegedly of Ann and I think it is safe to say there is a culture in The Movement. A kind of War on Women, if you will.

Activist Stokely Carmichael articulated the general vibe in an infamous, and candid, response. When asked the role of women in the Students for a Democratic Society, Carmichael replied, “The position of women in the movement is prone.“

Fifty years later, at the memorial service for the greatest Community Organizer in like EVAH we get treated to this:

BbItGNECcAAt3Xh.jpg large

Look how stoic Mrs. Obama is. She is so sweet. They are just having a little fun.

BbIRHYrCUAI8-4Z.jpg large

Uh oh. The Eye™. This is going to leave a mark.


How charming, how chivalrous. He kisses her hand because he knows when she bashes him it’s going to be sore.

And look at Ambassador Susan Rice behind Mrs. Obama with the “Oh boy, are you in trouble” look.

What was he thinking? Who is that woman?

article-2522249-1A06797000000578-318_634x675Helle Thorning-Schmidt and her husband Larry Kinnock

Is that your Gheydar going off? Larry is the son of Neil Kinnock, who was plagarised by Joe Biden some time ago. Neil was also involved in the Oil for Food Scandal. But here’s where it gets good…

Their marriage became the subject of intense speculation in the Danish press, with one newspaper raising questions over Mr Kinnock’s sexuality. Confronted with the allegations, Miss Thorning-Schmidt was forced to publicly deny Mr Kinnock was gay. ‘I can only say it’s not true,’ she declared.

Ooooo. A duodenum spelunker?
So off the Obama’s go to their usual Hawaiian Holiday, scheduled for 17 days, only a day or so before it ends, Mrs. Obama cites her upcoming birthday as the reason she is staying for an extra two weeks or so. Leaving Barry and the girls to fend for themselves, with the help of Mrs. Robinson, of course. And the White House staff. She really wants to celebrate her birthday without her husband and daughters? Pulease.
The foreign press is having none of it:

The First Lady reportedly claimed following the photograph incident that she was humiliated in front of hundreds of millions of people in the world that watched the ceremony. The report alleges that she yelled at her husband because she is “tired of it” and it is difficult for her to absorb such a humiliation because of his actions.
Other reports claim that the couple has been sleeping in separate rooms in the White House since the incident and that Michelle turned to a divorce lawyer to handle the matter, in order to ensure that she will receive half of their shared property. An official in Washington even appraised that the couple will end their relationship and that it appears like a “sure bet.”

OMG! A divorce lawyer. Is that higher than a Constitutional Law Lecturer?

“I’VE had enough!” Furious first lady Michelle Obama hurled those fight­ing words at her husband after he publicly humiliated her by flirting with a leggy blonde foreign leader at South African icon Nelson Mandela’s memorial ser­vice, sources say.

OK. It’s the National Enquirer. To that I’ll just say: John Edward’s love child.
Maybe the Danish Prime Minister likes her men… Dainty.

The White House rarely comments on the first couple’s private life, and there was no official confirmation last week of where Michelle was staying in Hawaii, or when she intended to return.

Yet the security umbrella that surrounds the couple descended on the Winfrey estate where The Daily Caller, a Washington news website, claimed Michelle was staying with a small group of female friends including Valerie Jarrett, a senior White House adviser, and Gayle King, a television presenter and close friend of Winfrey.

To quote Stokley Carmichael again:

“The position of women in the movement is prone.“

Well, Michelle isn’t going to take that lying down.

Not without The Oprah™ and Gayle King.

New York Times Says Obamacare Debacle Helps Lo Fo’s Connect the Commie Dots

Help spread the word about the Left and style at the same time with this cool shirt.

Help spread the word about the Left and style at the same time with this cool shirt.

Since 2004, The Teri O’Brien Show and here at have been attempting to educate the public about the real Barack Obama, mentored by communist Frank Marshall Davis, who may in fact be his biological father, steeped in radical leftist ideology his entire life, and 20-year parishioner in good standing at Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Church of the Black Panther. We warned that Obamacare is the mother of all income redistribution schemes. Understanding that  fact is not exactly rocket science. It should have been obvious to even a casual observer. A corollary that should have been equally obvious is that there was no way on earth that Barack Obama’s cynical, deliberate lies that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” and “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” could be true. The whole racket was designed to benefit the victims of the unfair, racist Amerika that Barack learned about from Frank, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright and those marxist professors he (or more likely Ayers) wrote about in his ridiculous book.

The Left has to obfuscate, manipulate the rules, and flat out lie to do what they want to do. It’s that simple, and Obamacare is no different. Yesterday even the Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times admitted it. From John Harwood’s story, “Don’t Dare Call the Health Law ‘Redistribution.’”

Rebecca M. Blank was a top candidate in 2011 to lead President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, but then the White House turned up something politically dangerous.

“A commitment to economic justice necessarily implies a commitment to the redistribution of economic resources, so that the poor and the dispossessed are more fully included in the economic system,” Ms. Blank, a noted poverty researcher, wrote in 1992. With advisers wary of airing those views in a nomination fight, Mr. Obama passed over Ms. Blank, then a top Commerce Department official and now the chancellor of the University of Wisconsin. Instead he chose Alan Krueger, a Princeton economist.

“Redistribution is a loaded word that conjures up all sorts of unfairness in people’s minds,” said William M. Daley, who was Mr. Obama’s chief of staff at the time. Republicans wield it “as a hammer” against Democrats, he said, adding, “It’s a word that, in the political world, you just don’t use.”

These days the word is particularly toxic at the White House, where it has been hidden away to make the Affordable Care Act more palatable to the public and less a target for Republicans, who have long accused Democrats of seeking “socialized medicine.” But the redistribution of wealth has always been a central feature of the law and lies at the heart of the insurance market disruptions driving political attacks this fall.

Ya think? What this story points out is the unfortunate fact that many people, especially those that we fondly call the Lo Fo’s, the low information, pop culture obsessed, but otherwise clueless, don’t connect obvious dots. More from the NYT story:

When Mr. Obama ran for president in 2008, Republicans tried to wound him by accusing him of waging “class warfare” to achieve wealth redistribution. That fall, the Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, derided Mr. Obama as the “redistributor in chief” as he seized on Mr. Obama’s comments to an Ohio man later known as “Joe the Plumber” that he wanted to “spread the wealth around.”

Mr. Obama survived that episode and other instances when Republicans deployed old recordings of him using the word “redistribution” as evidence that he was a closet socialist. But Mr. Obama had learned a lesson.

After he took office, he cast his goal of rolling back President George W. Bush’s tax cuts for higher earners not as economic redistribution, but as the restoration of top-end rates from the Clinton years.

The Affordable Care Act was a similar semantic sidestep. The law targeted high earners, too, by raising their Medicare taxes enough to reduce their after-tax incomes by nearly 2 percent, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. That revenue helped finance coverage for those currently without insurance, who tend to have lower incomes and who in many cases will receive government subsidies to make their premiums cheaper.

And yet for those nervous about potential changes, the president promised stability. “If you like your current insurance, you will keep your current insurance,” Mr. Obama said the day he signed the legislation in March 2010, a promise he made repeatedly as the Oct. 1 opening day of the online health insurance marketplaces approached.

Hiding in plain sight behind that pledge — visible to health policy experts but not the general public — was the redistribution required to extend health coverage to those who had been either locked out or priced out of the market.

Now some of that redistribution has come clearly into view. (emphasis mine)

At the risk of repeating myself, I’ll say it again: the Left Lies. The GOP has a golden opportunity to educate those who are not ideological, and who in the past had the luxury of ignoring the Left’s relentless efforts to impose socialism on this country. They need to take advantage of it.


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